Qatar Funds Muslim Brotherhood


European papers, including the Stuttgarter Zeitung, have detailed about the gigantic money related progressions of the Brotherhood in Germany to do significant fear based oppressor assaults.

The German paper distributed a report expressing that, during the previous years, Qatar has supported around 140 Islamic foundations and focuses in Europe with roughly €72 million, showing that Germany is an essential goal for Qatar’s assets, as Doha has financed ten organizations and ventures subsidiary with the Brotherhood in Germany.

The Stuttgarter Zeitung included that Qatar siphoned more than €5 million to Brotherhood establishments in Germany before the finish of 2016, including €96,000 for the Munich Forum for Islam (MFI), €400,000 to the Dar Assalam Mosque in Berlin, and €300,000 for an organization in the town of Dinslaken in Germany’s western territory of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Qatar additionally allowed reserves adding up to €4.4 million for a focal Brotherhood establishment in Berlin, yet the paper didn’t make reference to its name.

As per reports seen by the German paper, the Maghreb Kulturverein (Maghreb Culture Association) in Stuttgart sent a letter to Qatar Charity in 2015 mentioning the help of the Qatari establishment’s leader for “the requirements of Muslims in the diaspora in Western nations.”

Maghreb Kulturverein requested €110,000 to buy a five-story home office, and €300,000 to build up its mosque and a school for remembering the Quran.

The German paper cited sources at the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Germany’s knowledge organization, that the Maghreb Kulturverein is a piece of the Brotherhood arrange in Germany, alongside the German Arab Association in the city of Ulm in southwestern Germany, which additionally sent a letter to the Qatari establishment mentioning backing to buy a house and convert it into a mosque and central station for the gathering.

Germany is significant in Qatar’s remote methodology, on the grounds that the Brotherhood-related associations in Germany are a significant accomplice for Doha and an essential beneficiary of Qatari help, the Stuttgarter Zeitung announced.

The German paper affirmed that Qatar’s help for the Brotherhood is enraging the security powers in Germany and Europe, which consider the Brotherhood as more perilous than ISIS and al-Qaeda, as it intends to control society by progressively assuming responsibility for establishments.

Birgül Akpinar, a noticeable German lawmaker from the decision Christian Democratic Union (CDU), told the paper that all parts of the law must be utilized to battle fanatic flows and keep their financing from abroad.


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