Iran’s leader commends the force that is preventing discontent

Iran's preeminent chief commended paramilitary workers entrusted with suppress disagree on Saturday in a broadcast address as many eye specialists ...

Mexican Cartels teams up With Hezbollah To Distribute Drugs In Qatar

The two largest drug cartels in Mexico have been distributing drugs in Qatar for five years, ensuring a flow of cocaine at ...

Hamas Cyber Attack Plannings against Israel

Hamas, the de facto rulers of the impoverished Gaza Strip and backed by Iran, is intensifying its cyberattacks on Israel. ...

Iranian Weapons used by Russia some parts are made in USA

According to a report released on Tuesday by a weapons research group, the Iranian drones that Russia has used to ...

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Other Foreign Governments Spent $700K+ in Trump’s hotel to influence U.S. Policy

According to the findings of an investigation that were made public on Monday by the House Oversight and Reform Committee, ...

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