The Austrian expert, Heiko Heinch, said that the Muslim Brotherhood is a functioning association in practically all nations where Muslims live as well as in Europe. This is a development as a mass political development that intends to set up a caliphate in a world during a meeting with the Austrian magazine Linz.

Heinch proceeded: In Europe, the Muslim Brotherhood has all the earmarks of being peaceful separating itself from jihadists, savagery, and psychological warfare, yet truth be told it accepts viciousness and fanaticism itself, as he alluded to the rough job that the gathering continued in undermining both Egypt and Syria, where the gathering turned to brutality and backing furnished associations.

On the Brotherhood’s essence in Europe, Heinch said: The gathering is exceptionally dynamic in Europe, as the city of Graz in Austria, for instance, is viewed as a fortress of the Brotherhood in Austria, and there are around 16 mosques in the city that are engaged with supporting the Brotherhood and spreading its fierce thoughts, however, the legislators And the security experts in Graz and Austria have gotten extremely cautious and very much educated about the gathering’s exercises, taking into account that the gathering has as of late expanded its quality in both Linz and Vienna.


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