A source in the Guardia di Finanza, the Italian money police, in Salerno has disclosed to Arab News that 15 tons of Captagon amphetamine seized in July in Naples “came from Syria and could be connected to Lebanese gathering Hezbollah, despite the fact that we are as yet exploring the case.”

On July 1, the Guardia di Finanza guaranteed the greatest capture of amphetamines on the planet as they caught in excess of 84 million Captagon tablets — gauging 14 tons and with an estimation of more than €1 billion ($1.2 billion) — heading from Syria to European business sectors, where engineered drug creation may have endured an unforeseen shot from the COVID-19 lockdown.

Captagon is referred to by some as the “ISIS drug” after examinations uncovered the amphetamine was utilized by Daesh contenders to keep them on their feet during fights.

The brand name for the manufactured energizer fenethylline, Captagon, was first delivered during the 1960s to treat hyperactivity, narcolepsy and despondency, yet was restricted in many nations by the 1980s as it was considered excessively addictive. It remains massively well known in the Middle East.

The medication is modest and easy to deliver, utilizing fixings that are simple and frequently legitimate to get. It sells for generally €15 a tablet.

At the point when they were seized in Italy, the tablets were covered up in enormous paper and steel chambers and shipped to the port of Salerno, in southern Italy.

The Guardia di Finanza had disclosed to Italian press that the amphetamine pills seized in Salerno had an image on them: Two half-moons — similar images found on Captagon seized in Daesh dens in the Middle East.

The image was additionally found on the tablets the psychological militants burned-through before the assault on the Bataclan in Paris in 2015.

This drove the Italian police to accept that the medications seized in Salerno may have been created by men connected to Daesh to fund their terroristic endeavors.

Nonetheless, lately, examiners have been following another lead which may take them to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

“There could be a connection, however we are as yet researching the case and anticipate new turns of events,” a source in the Guardia di Finanza disclosed to Arab News.

Examiners have almost certainly that the Salerno shipment was to be gotten by the Neapolitan mafia, known as the Camorra.

“The horde should be behind medication dealing of such extents. A €1 billion medication load can’t show up in a port without the information on the mafia,” Franco Roberti, the Former Italian Anti-Mafia National Chief investigator, revealed to Arab News.

The Captagon pills seized in Salerno were singed by the Police a week ago in a unique waste administration office in Ravenna, in northern Italy. The 16 tons of medications were moved on a guard accompanied by shielded vehicles and helicopters.

The burning cycle took an entire day under close security with more than 100 cops guarding the site.


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