A report by the British “Center East Online” site cautioned of the peril of the left’s coalition with political Islam gatherings, driven by the “Muslim Brotherhood” in Europe, in what is known as the “Islamic Left”. Since the gathering is utilizing this collusion as a method for blanching its picture before the world general assessment, and sending out Image that she dismisses savagery and radicalism.

The site expressed that the “Muslim Brotherhood” in the Arab world found the purported “Islamic left in Europe” an outlet to clean its picture, utilizing the publicity advanced by “left” activists to excuse the fanatic Islamists of illegal intimidation and brutality, adding: “This congruity has stirred fear and nervousness in European circles”. Due to its earnestness and the repercussions that could bring about mischief to society.

He called attention to that the left-wing and “Fellowship” coalitions have added to significant occasions and hazardous changes in the Arab district, on the size of the “Middle Easterner Spring” uprisings and upheavals, uncovering the amazing pretended by the organization of previous US President Barack Obama, which was loaded with legislators and scholars having a place with the extreme left development The fanatic, on the side of the “Fraternity” and the characters and foundations are known to have connections to the fear monger gathering.

He focused on that the Arab nations, particularly Egypt and Tunisia, experienced significantly the Brotherhood’s savagery and their advantage in abusing the Arab uprisings, to clean their name and market themselves under bogus liberal political mottos, as left-wing activists were the first to react to the gathering’s calls, clarifying that the indications of the peril of this collusion are It didn’t show up in the European field until after the fall of the “Fraternity” project in Egypt, with the fall of Muhammad Morsi.


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