Five days have passed since the vanishing, yet the strict researcher Abu Twa-ha Muhammad Adnan has not been found at this point. His family has been absent since 12 PM on Thursday (June tenth). In the meantime, Amnesty International has given an explanation looking for the quest for the missing Abu Twa-Ha Adnan.

Relatives said Afsanul Haque Adnan, 31, who presented himself as Abu Taw Haa Muhammad Adnan via web-based media, and his three allies, Amir Uddin Foyes, Abdul Muhit, and Firoz, have been absent since early June 11 on their landing in Gabtoli in Dhaka from Rangpur on a vehicle.

In the interim, Amnesty International South Asia in Twitter expressed that Abu Taw Haa Muhammad Adnan and his three buddies are absent from Dhaka since Thursday and the specialists should quickly and reasonably examine to decide their whereabouts.

An English day-by-day paper in Bangladesh has shared a report on Tb-Ha ‘missing’ from Amnesty International South Asia’s confirmed Twitter account. The organization said in an explanation that Abu Twa-Ha Mohammad Adnan and three of his allies disappeared from Dhaka last Thursday. Absolution International approaches the Bangladeshi specialists to research the whereabouts of Abu Twa-ha and his partners rapidly and unbiasedly. What’s more, on the off chance that they are in state guardianship, they should be delivered right away.

Prior, in the wake of leaving Rangpur for Dhaka last Thursday, his family said that Abu Twa-har was not found. Simultaneously, Abdul Muhith, Mohammad Firoz, and driver Amir Uddin Fayez, who were with him, are additionally absent.

An overall journal has been kept at Rangpur Sadar Police Station in such a manner. As indicated by GD, his genealogical home is in the rear entryway adjoining Ahl-e-Hadith Mosque on Central Road in Rangpur city. After marriage, he lived with his significant other and kids in a leased house in the back street of the executive of the Shalban region. Adnan’s significant other’s name is Habiba Nur. He has a three-year-old little girl and a one-and-a-half-year-old child.

Adnan’s better half said, “The last discussion with him (Adnan) occurred at 2:36 pm on Thursday. He was then Gabtali. Then, at that point I got off his telephone from 3 pm, so far I am getting the number off. ‘ He said he was joined by three different partners, including the driver, at the hour of the vanishing.

The group of Abu Taw Haa asserted on Sunday that they were called from ‘certain’ versatile numbers and asked not to say anything to the media.

The police examiners in Dhaka and Rangpur were fault moving between them in regards to distinguishing the whereabouts of youthful Islamic minister Abu Taw Haa Muhammad Adnan and his three partners who had been absent in Dhaka since the early long stretches of June 11.


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