Turkey’s special treatment for Kuwaiti cleric who funded Jihadists

Hakim al-Mutairi

Turkish President  Erdoğan  interceded in lifting a  restrict for radical Muslim cleric from Kuwait Hakim al-Mutairi, who called for jihad against American and Israeli “crusaders,” classified records have uncovered.

As indicated by mystery wiretaps got by Nordic Monitor, al-Mutairi was denied section into Turkey in 2013 yet he was later permitted in following the individual association of then-Prime Minister and now President Erdoğan. The disclosures came during a telephone discussion between Erdoğan’s head of staff, Hasan Doğan, who got a call from Osama Qotb, the nephew of Egyptian minister Sayyid Qutb, an organizer of the Muslim Brotherhood, on September 26, 2013 at 19:32 hours.

Qutb was getting to sift through issues with a planned meeting on Egypt to be held in Istanbul following the ouster of Mohamed Morsi from power. The gathering was dropped under tension from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the two of which had generally stable ties with the Turkish government at that point. The meeting coordinators got a notification from the police days before the occasion which expressed that consent had not been allowed to hold the gathering.

Clarifying that al-Mutairi was the man behind arranging such a gathering in Istanbul, Qotb begged Erdoğan’s head of staff to return the meeting on target. In the telephone discussion, he likewise uncovered that al-Mutairi had confronted issues at the fringe when he attempted to enter Turkey before and that Erdoğan helped him settle the passage boycott issue.

Al-Mutairi, the leader of Kuwait’s Ummah Party, is a Salafist and radical minister whose perspectives equal those of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). He was blamed for channeling money related assets to jihadists in Syria, first to Ahrar al-Sham and later to the Al Nusra Front.

The shared coalition between al-Mutairi and Erdoğan is not really amazing given the way that both were quick to enable jihadist bunches in Syria to topple the Bashar al-Assad government. Actually, in the wiretapped discussion Erdoğan’s head of staff said the head of Turkish insight office MIT, Hakan Fidan, was very acquainted with al-Mutairi and the gathering. He said the issue had more to do with the Saudis, whom Erdoğan would not like to bother anything else than should be expected.

Qotb further mentioned that Erdoğan’s head of staff mediate in loosening up the limitations set on Kuwaiti pastor al-Mutairi while he was in Turkey. He said the police would not permit al-Mutairi to disseminate his books at his inn.

Mutairi is assigned as a fear based oppressor by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain. He has been straightforwardly strong of Erdoğan’s Islamist system for a considerable length of time. In August 2018, when the Erdoğan government confronted money related issues, al-Mutairi asserted Turkey had gone under assault by the US and the West and said it was a commitment with respect to all Muslims to help Turkey as a major aspect of jihad. He was associated with a Turkish cause bunch called Misk Insani Yardım Derneği.

The wiretap was approved by the Istanbul third High Criminal Court, which was investigating psychological warfare related cases. The approval was conceded on September 18, 2013 as a feature of examination document No. 2012/656.


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