Turkey Sentences U.S. Consulate Employee to Over 5 Years in Jail


An Istanbul court on Tuesday condemned a neighborhood US department representative to imprison for helping the organization Ankara blames for endeavoring a 2016 upset, in a decision that could additionally strain ties among Turkey and the United States.

Nazmi Mete Canturk, a Turkish security official at the Istanbul department, was requested to be imprisoned for a very long time and two months. The court didn’t capture Canturk, which means he will be free forthcoming allure.

Preliminaries of US residents and department laborers in Turkey have been among numerous wellsprings of friction between the NATO partners, whose ties have crumbled over contrasts in strategy in Syria and Ankara’s acquisition of a Russian rocket guard framework.

It concerns over their relationship came into the spotlight lately as Turkey tried the S-400 rocket framework, provoking an angry reaction from Washington.

In his last guard on Tuesday, Canturk denied being a supporter of the US-based minister Fethullah Gulen, accused by Turkey for the bombed 2016 overthrow, and said his occupation required planning with nearby authorities on security issues.

“Upon my chief’s requests, I met individuals I expected to meet as an aspect of my responsibilities. The individuals in these positions are government employees delegated by the administration,” he said. “It isn’t workable for me to know whether these individuals were engaged with a wrongdoing,” he stated, his voice shaking as he teared up at a certain point.

His significant other Sevim and little girl Irem, likewise accused of participation of a psychological militant association, were absolved.

They said they had at first been kept in light of the fact that police couldn’t discover Mete Canturk and were held for nine days. They said they were told they were not engaged with the examination yet were later accused along of him.

Authorities state supporters of Gulen, a previous partner of President Tayyip Erdogan, invaded the police, legal executive, military and different establishments. Turkey believes the organization to be a psychological militant association. Gulen has denied any contribution in the overthrow endeavor.

Canturk is the third US office specialist to be indicted. Hamza Ulucay was condemned to 4-1/2 years in jail on illegal intimidation charges. Metin Topuz, an interpreter for the US Drug Enforcement Administration at the department in Istanbul, was condemned in June to almost nine years in prison for supporting Gulen’s organization.

Examiners state the connection among Ankara and Washington could be additionally stressed if Joe Biden, the Democratic applicant and leader wins the US official political race on November 3.

Such worries, on top other international issues, have prompted a sharp decrease in the Turkish lira, which has consistently hit new record powerless levels lately.

The money debilitated further after the court’s choice, from 8.1810 to the dollar to the extent 8.1975 at 1442 GMT, before recovering some ground.


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