Top forensic expert jailed for identifying weapons sent to jihadists by Turkey


A senior crime scene investigation expert whose group checked the inception of blocked substantial weaponry for jihadists in Syria was rebuffed by the public authority of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his part in the confession of illicit arms shipments to Syria by Turkish knowledge office MIT.

As indicated by private records, Burhanettin Cihangiroglu, previous director of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI), and previous top of the Gendarmerie Forensic Department in Turkey assumed an essential part in the check and distinguishing proof of mortars found in blocked Syria-bound trucks in January 2014.

Cihangiroglu’s group in Ankara was requested by the researching examiner to run scientific tests, distinguish and confirm the deadly weaponry as a feature of a criminal examination concerning claims that the arms were bound for al-Qaeda in Syria. As a feature of standard working technique, the scientific specialists ran tests and introduced their discoveries to the workplace of the examiner as mentioned.

Humiliated and froze over the shocking confession of illicit shipments by MIT, the Erdogan government raced to mediate for the situation and ultimately figured out how to quiet the examination in an away from of presidential branch obstruction in the legal executive. The investigators, judges, police, gendarmes, and other people who were associated with the examination were all later excused and additionally imprisoned on created charges.

Cihangiroglu, a resigned colonel, is a veteran criminological master who served in the Turkish military for a very long time and set up the primary scientific unit in the gendarmerie, a piece of the military that likewise fills in as law authorization for the Interior Ministry in the provincial zones of Turkey. He and his group of seven criminologists were completely captured in 2015 basically in light of the fact that they had agreed with the examiner’s orders as they were needed to do under Turkish law.

In a May 4, 2016 hearing held at the Istanbul seventh Criminal Court of Peace, Cihangiroglu shielded his record, saying he had run the scientific unit since 2005 and had never confronted any examination over his direct, be it authoritative or legitimate. He underscored that not a solitary report he had given in his 25-year vocation as a legal master was tested or dismissed by the courts.

As per the master report gave by Cihangiroglu’s group in Ankara, an example meld was prepared for use in gunnery guns going in size from 3.3 to 5.9 inches (85–152 millimeters). The specialists referred to their discoveries in Jane’s Ammunition Handbook and presumed that the breaker was a Russian-created V-429-type model that is made in a few previous Soviet coalition nations, for example, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. The breaker ― which can likewise be set for postponed activity in bombs intended to detonate in the wake of hitting the objective and are set up to explode at sway — is designated “Super-Quick” in industry wording, the report said. The specialists concurred that the circuits contained exceptionally combustible substances and were assigned as controlled explosives under Turkish law.

Cihangiroglu is one more senior authority who confronted the anger of the Erdoğan government for his lab’s inclusion in confirming and recognizing weapons found in the trucks. He said he enrolled in the military when he was 15 years of age and had served the country with qualification for a very long time and scrutinized the public authority’s intention in capturing him on unjustifiable charges.

“I was named in 1989 to set up the Gendarmerie Forensic Department, and I served in each position there. About 600,000 reports were given under my administration, and not a solitary one was challenged. We are the main [Turkish] establishment that was certified to the European Union,” he told the court, adding that he drove ENFSI in the wake of overcoming two different up-and-comers in races. He said he has various articles and introductions on legal science surprisingly.

The public authority leveled different charges against him as a feature of a terrorizing effort against other measurable specialists and made him a guide to drive others to conform to the public authority story. The top criminological master was captured on November 30, 2015, and delivered on June 7, 2016, forthcoming preliminary. On July 13, 2018, he was captured again on charges that he was related to the Gulen development, a gathering reproachful of the Erdogan government, and stayed in jail until February 2019, when he was delivered. The legal disputes against him are as yet forthcoming.


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