Members of Congress Supporting CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations)


As of late 100 individuals from the US Congress composed letters of help for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)……Is there anything immoral with this? What precisely is CAIR???

Superficially, the help of these individuals from Congress is sensible. All things considered, CAIR depicts itself as a Muslim social equality bunch attempting to “improve comprehension of Islam, ensure social liberties, advance equity, and engage American Muslims.” According to CAIR, these social liberties endeavors are required because of numerous misguided judgments about Islam and assaults on the Muslim people group in America, particularly since the 911 fear monger assaults.

CAIR has committed itself to various Muslim social liberties causes. It has attempted to counter enemy of Muslim working environment separation and limitations on wearing the hijab. It has executed projects to instruct Americans about Islam. In 2005 they assisted with advancing a fatwa (strict decision) censuring strict radicalism and the utilization of viciousness against regular people.

CAIR is a front gathering for the global association, the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood was established in 1928 by an Islamic researcher and teacher in Egypt. From the beginning, its objective was to return Islam to its previous wonder by ousting mainstream governments. Muslim Brotherhood Islamists accept that all Muslims must come back to the first methods for Islam, as clarified by the prophet Mohammed.

Hamas, the jihadi association that administers the Gaza Strip, is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Hamas Charter expressly requires the executing of Jews (not simply Israelis) and for the decimation of Israel.

In 1994, Nihad Awad, future Executive Director of CAIR, transparently pronounced his help for Hamas. What’s more, is there any valid reason why he wouldn’t? As indicated by the Muslim Brotherhood, the model of Islamic triumph is to be applied everywhere throughout the world. Muslim Brotherhood associations currently exist both in Muslim nations and in the Western popular governments. The Brotherhood advances the supplanting of popularity based foundations with social orders administered by a severe translation of sharia, or Islamic law.

Ironicly US Congresspersons support CAIR. In the event that CAIR prevails in its strategic, US Congress and the Constitution that supports it will be abrogated.

One of the most accursing prosecutions against CAIR— – and one that uncovers the guile of its thought processes— – was the 2007 Holy Land Foundation preliminary in Washington, DC. This was the biggest enemy of fear monger financing preliminary in US history, in which Holy Land Foundation authorities were sentenced for piping cash to the psychological militant gathering Hamas. (Hamas is named by the US and a few different nations as a psychological militant association). In that preliminary, US investigators recorded CAIR as a unindicted co-schemer. All Holy Land Foundation litigants in the preliminary were seen as liable upon retrial in a government court.

Because of the feelings in the Holy Land Foundation Terrorism Trial, and the naming of CAIR as a unindicted co-schemer, the FBI cut its once-close ties with CAIR. As indicated by FBI authorities:

… . the choice [to cut ties with CAIR] followed the conviction of the HLF chiefs for channeling a large number of dollars to Hamas, disclosures that [CAIR Executive Director] Nihal Awad had taken an interest in arranging gatherings with HLF, and CAIR’s inability to give subtleties of its connections to Hamas. During a 2008 retrial of the HLF case, FBI Special Agent Lara Burns marked CAIR “a front gathering for Hamas.” In January 2009, the FBI’s DC office educated all field workplaces to cut ties with CAIR, as the boycott reached out into the Obama administration.

Various CAIR authorities have been captured on fear mongering related charges. For instance:

A CAIR Director was condemned to government jail for damaging US sanctions against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq;

A CAIR Community Affairs Director confessed to bank and visa misrepresentation and consented to be ousted. He had piped cash to help psychological warfare and distributed material supporting suicide assaults against the U.S.;

An author of CAIR’s Dallas section was sentenced in the Holy Land Foundation fear mongering financing preliminary;

A CAIR specialized pro and “social equality facilitator” is as of now carrying out a multi year jail punishment. He had prepared with an outside psychological oppressor association and was prosecuted on charges of helping al-Qaeda and the Taliban battle American soldiers in Afghanistan.

A CAIR Northern Virginia Director is right now carrying out a multi year jail punishment for fear based oppression related budgetary and connivance charges;

A prime supporter of CAIR’s parent association was condemned to 57 months in jail for channeling cash to Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), a State Department assigned psychological oppressor association. (PIJ is a furnished gathering that is presently terminating various rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip);

A CAIR pledge drive was expelled from the US after his capture on fear based oppression related charges for financing al-Qaeda and other psychological oppressor organizations.

In 2017 the Hoover Institution discharged a strategy paper on political Islam as a belief system and a development. As indicated by the paper’s creator, Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

… the American open critically should be instructed about both the belief system of political Islam and the authoritative foundation called dawa that Islamists use to rouse, inculcate, select, back and prepare those Muslims whom they prevail upon to their motivation… ..Dawa as rehearsed by radical Islamists utilizes a wide scope of components to propel their objective of forcing Islamic law (sharia) on society. This incorporates converting yet reaches out past that. In Western nations, dawa points both to change over non-Muslims to political Islam and to impart Islamist sees in existing Muslims. A definitive objective of dawa is to wreck the political organizations of a free society and supplant them with the standard of sharia law.4 [Words underlined here show up as stressed in the first text.]

As indicated by Hirsi Ali, dawa is disruption from inside. It is a skeptical practice to utilize western opportunities so as to subvert those very opportunities. CAIR fits in with this model. Their pioneers kill any analysis of Islam by asserting that this analysis is strict predisposition. They shut down discussion by crying Islamophobia, forestalling assessment of their objectives and strategies. They conceal their actual expectations by dressing themselves in the mantle of a human rights association, when they will likely destroy those very rights.

In contemporary speech, helpful imbeciles are individuals who propagandize for a political reason without completely getting it. They neglect to grasp the skeptical way in which they are being utilized as apparatuses by that cause.

The individuals from the US Congress who composed letters of help to CAIR are valuable nitwits.

Of the 100 individuals from Congress who composed these letters of help, 97 were Democrats.


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