An occupant of east Jerusalem was prosecuted on Monday for reaching an individual from Hamas in the Gaza Strip and moving assets for the psychological militant association.

Ayman A’awar, the primary suspect for the situation, gathered gifts from various ladies and disseminated them to Hamas detainees or their families and to the groups of Hamas psychological militants who kicked the bucket. The individuals who got cash incorporated the spouse of a Hamas fear based oppressor who did a shooting assault in 2010 and the dad of a man associated with endeavoring to kill previous MK Yehuda Glick.

The disseminations were made by heading of Mohammed Muammar or “Abu Tzuhaib,” the Hamas part in Gaza who kept contact with A’awar. A portion of the assets were additionally moved to and from Abu Tzuhaib.

The two knew each other from a WhatsApp bunch for a noble cause that they were both piece of for various years. For a considerable length of time, A’awar moved cash to families deprived in the Gaza Strip and helped Gaza inhabitants who were being treated in medical clinics in east Jerusalem so as to move cash through them to Gaza.

In the wake of moving cash through patients got troublesome, Abu Tzuhaib reached A’awar and requested that her gather cash inside Israel and disseminate it to individuals by his heading, while he would disperse cash to families deprived in the Gaza Strip as indicated by her course.

A’awar and her contacts in Hamas and east Jerusalem would utilize the code word “Ma’amoul” when talking with the goal that when the assets were fit to be conveyed, A’awar would state that “the Ma’amoul is prepared.” An estimation of NIS 1,000 in reserves was alluded to as one kilogram of Ma’amouls.

By and large, the suspect moved at any rate NIS 636,000 of Hamas assets over various months.


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