Aziz A. gives a meeting in Amsterdam. Were Syrian siblings Aziz and Fatah A. senior individuals from the Jabhat al-Nusra fear bunch associated with 17 killings and torment? Or on the other hand, would they say they are two war evacuees who properly gotten haven in the Netherlands and attempted to fabricate another life here in Amsterdam and Bergeijk?

The court in Rotterdam has been thinking about that question for seven days since Wednesday. Particularly Aziz A. was in the news a few times. He was perceived by Syrian harmony activists in the Amsterdam banter focus De Balie in 2017, they called him ‘a previous IS contender’. A. at that point showed a meeting de Volkskrant and News hour in which he denied having been with IS.

In 2018, Aziz (35) and Fatah (44) are as yet captured. Aziz at that point works in a bistro in Amsterdam. Fatah lives with his family in Bergeijk and has a sandwich shop in Eindhoven. The arraignment associates them with having been associated with Jabhat al-Nusra, which has for some time been viewed as the nearby Syrian subsidiary of al-Qaeda.

Aziz will at that point be in the news again in January 2019. The Dutch writer Ans Boersma seems to have had a relationship with Aziz and when the Dutch legal executive solicitations data about Boersma from the Turks, the reporter of Faithful and The Financial Times quickly extradited from the country.

Interval meetings have effectively shown that the OM sees Aziz A. as a significant man inside Jabhat al-Nusra. He is said to have been ’emir’, the chief, of the gathering in the Syrian city of Raqqa for some time. He would likewise have been engaged with 2012 in the shooting with programmed weapons of in any event 17 individuals in a transport close to Al Shheell, the OM said in court on Wednesday morning. Aziz was bothered for quite a while by the AIVD. In one of those discussions, he says he needs to show the Netherlands things it has never seen.

The legal advisors of Aziz (Peter Plasman) and Fatah (Bart Nooitgedagt) express that there is not really any genuine proof in the document. Plasman: “It is a lake where you can fish a great deal.” Nooitgedagt: “I can give you seven elective situations here. You needn’t bother with a dream about that. There are a lot of clamors and too little clarification here. I see no solid proof: no photographs, no individuals saying: one or the other he did. “

Aziz A. states toward the start of the conference by the appointed authority that he was sent by the insight administration AIVD to the gathering in De Balie. The TV meets with News hour which he did a short time later, he likewise counseled the AIVD. As indicated by Aziz, he was enrolled by the knowledge administration as a witness after he was captured in 2016 on the doubt of illegal tax avoidance. “There was no proof for this, yet I was drawn closer by the AIVD at the police headquarters.”

The Syrian says he has functioned as a witness for 18 months. “They needed a lot of things from me. That I would connect with individuals in Syria, individuals who were with Jabhat al-Nusra or with (the Syrian battling gathering, ed.) Ahrar al-Sham. I didn’t inquire as to why they needed that, however, they guaranteed me cash for it. I at that point said: I can possibly acknowledge cash in the event that I can accomplish something for you. ” Ultimately, says Aziz, he just got his movement costs repaid.

He is said to have addressed the assistance once at regular intervals for eighteen months. “In inns, in Haarlem. One of the AIVD public was called Vincent. We discussed everything, particularly about Syria. I was somewhat of a witness. In any case, I additionally felt that I had no way out, that I needed to coordinate since I lived in the Netherlands with a home grant. After February 2018 it halted after I did a meeting de Volkskrant and News hour had given. ” According to him, the AIVD at that point separated itself. “They likewise needed me to contact individuals from Jabhat al-Nusra in Turkey, I didn’t need that.”

Aziz states that in Syria he “has never been an individual from any association”. He knows two heads of Jabhat al-Nusra. He was in jail with them before the common war began, the two framed Jabhat al-Nusra after their delivery. “At that point, I met them again in Northern Syria, however never went along with them.”

Regardless of whether Aziz helped out the mysterious assistance, the AIVD had regardless hung his home with listening in gear. The court told the Syrian large numbers of those wiretapped discussions on Wednesday. It is about vehicles, weapons, silencers, and heads of fear gatherings. He likewise once said: “Al Nusra is Aziz.” “That all seems like you were there,” said the adjudicator.

Aziz says it isn’t. Now and again he attempted to clarify things about what it resembled in Syria’. “Furthermore, a few things I said in light of the fact that I needed somebody who was remaining with me.” He needs the appointed authority to likewise tune in to the discussions of different days. “At that point, you will comprehend what I mean.”

In another tapped discussion, he says that Ans Boersma took a gander at his iPad when they were together in Istanbul. “At that point, she saw me on Twitter, where I stay in contact with the folks. She was vexed. ” Aziz’s sibling Fatah asks Aziz, “Did you additionally tell about the homicides in Homs?” Aziz: “I swore never to slaughter again, no man, no lady, nobody.” That as well, as per Aziz, is tied in with something different.

Aziz’s sibling Fatah talked momentarily on Wednesday. It is as yet indistinct precisely what proof the OM has against him. At the point when the journalist of de Volkskrant went to Tabqa, the siblings’ old neighborhood, in 2019, she addressed observers who perceived Fatah as the one who had the main part at a Jabhat al-Nusra jail. In that jail, individuals were tormented and individuals vanished. The Public Prosecution Service itself has not been to Syria, yet has its Volkskrantstory on the document. As per Aziz, the observers from the story come from an opponent clan attempting to darken them.

Fatah would not like to say a lot: “I have been hanging tight in my cell for a very long time for a USB stick containing every one of them caught discussions. On the off chance that I don’t have any acquaintance with them, I can’t react to them, can I? “.The case proceeds for more examination.


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