Qatar funds terrorist organizations


Spanish report uncovers Qatar subsidizes fear monger associations … Al-Nusra Front is at the bleeding edge

The Spanish site “Atalaire” in a point by point examination on the prickly connection among Qatar and the Al-Nusra Front, the part of al-Qaeda in Syria, uncovers the solid binds that carry Qatar to psychological oppressor associations and focused on that Doha has been financing fear based oppressor bunches as of late, and there are numerous records and proof of that.

The report showed that Qatar has reinforced its relations with the Syrian Al-Nusra Front, which is currently called the Headquarters for the Liberation of Al-Sham, since last December. Subtleties of the developing, dark connection among Doha and the fear based oppressor association.

The Spanish site said that there is a great deal of broad proof on how Doha has supported fear based oppressor bunches as of late, including the declaration of the Moroccan chief of the Al-Nusra Front, Essam El Hana – Elias Abu Mansour El-Maghraby. – who was as of late captured by the Baghdad specialists, and the “Iraqi Judiciary” paper distributed the subtleties of this declaration.

The psychological oppressor joined the association in 2012, and in view of his work as a PC specialist and his dominance of Arabic, Spanish, English and French – he immediately rose the gathering’s administration structure. This 35-year-old fear monger, of Moroccan cause, uncovered his “contact with outer gatherings in Qatar to help the gathering, most remarkably the Qatari Sheik Khaled Suleiman, who financed the Al-Nusra Front with in excess of a million dollars every month

In his announcement, Al-Hana attested that Qatar is the “fundamental agent of the Al-Nusra Front”, despite the fact that it isn’t the main outer supporter of the fear based oppressor association, and included: “As the cash was sent to us by the Israeli gatherings, we can treat our injured warriors inside the State of Israel, just like the case with Turkey.” He brought up, “We composed with Ankara three unique assignments: rewarding our officers who were harmed in battling in emergency clinics in Turkey, enrolling for (an opponent association) ISIS volunteer army and moving them to Syria over the Turkish fringe and directing a detainee trade, like what occurred in 2014 when the discharge was About 450 psychological oppressors in return for the delegate and a gathering of Turkish representatives grabbed by the psychological oppressor gathering

As indicated by the Spanish report, the American photojournalist, Matthew Schreyer, who was captured by Geha Al-Nusra in 2012, was held for 211 days until he figured out how to get away, as he got data about the Qatari subsidizing of the fear based oppressor association by propelling a fight in court against that psychological oppressor gathering. Furthermore, inside the structure of that, he recorded a claim not long ago against Qatar Islamic Bank for “gathering gifts for his ruffians

In a 60-page report, Sechreire clarified how Qatar permitted the exchange of assets to psychological militant gatherings battling in Syria, including the Al-Nusra Front, and focused on that the Qatari Islamic Bank legitimately added to the Qatar Charity Foundation, an association that finances al-Qaeda and Ahrar al-Sham.

He likewise affirmed that he had a long history of psychological militant financing going back to 1993 when container Laden applauded him for his commitment to supporting his motivation. “In particular, 8 financial balances were designated in which 500,000 Qatari riyals (125,000 euros) were saved. In like manner, he uncovered that Qatari resident Saad Al-Kaabi utilized his records in the bank to “get reserves” that were later moved to radical gatherings working in the Syrian Civil War. From that point onward, this Qatari resident was named by the US Treasury in 2015 to help financing the Nusra Front .

The Spanish report likewise surveys the multifaceted Qatari job in supporting fear based oppression, as the Qatar Charity Foundation works in the northern Mali district when it was constrained by Islamic gatherings.

Questions were additionally brought about its job up in supporting and financing radical gatherings and between innate ethnic clashes from Darfur to Port Sudan, and it spent up to $ 37 million to help warriors in Sudan having a place with psychological oppressor bunches bolstered by the Muslim Brotherhood

It likewise blamed Qatar for financing other fanatic gatherings, for example, the volunteer armies battling in the Libyan war nearby the Al-Wefaq government, and furthermore added to supporting Al-Shabab, the Al Qaeda branch in Somalia, which is answerable for in excess of a thousand assaults in 2019 as it were. As indicated by the Spanish report: “Proof demonstrates that Qatar itself is a supplier of worldwide fear mongering


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