Muslim Brotherhood TV calls for “kill all homosexuals”


During a monolog on her TV show prior this month, Egyptian host Hala Samir said that gay men trapped in a sexual demonstration ought to be singed alive, lost a structure, or battered to the point of death.

As indicated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), a guard dog association that features radical Islamic fanaticism, she offered the comments on Watan TV, a Turkey-based channel that advances the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ibn Abbas cited the Prophet Muhammad as saying: “In the event that you discover men occupied with a gay demonstration — murder the dynamic one just as the aloof one.” Don’t begin asking: “Are you dynamic or inactive?” Just slaughter both.

The colleagues of the Prophet Muhammad consistently concurred that gay people ought to be slaughtered, however they had differences about the technique for executing.

Some said that they ought to be singed alive. That was [the Caliph] Ali. Abu Bakr bolstered this decision. Others said that they ought to be lost a high spot and this ought to be trailed by stoning. However others said that they ought to be battered to the point of death. Both Ali and Ibn Abbas concurred on this.

With respect to young ladies — individuals inquire as to whether a similar decision applies to lesbianism. The Islamic researchers have stated, collectively, that lesbianism is disallowed.

Some of them state: “I am not gay, I’m gay.” They need it to sound decent. No! You are a gay, a homosexual, and a lesbian.

These are clearly periphery convictions even among Muslims. It’s not simply manner of speaking, however. Gay individuals — or if nothing else individuals blamed for being gay — have been killed by radical gatherings like ISIS.

The call for viciousness is both upsetting and stunning, however I would likewise point out your the language of judgment against gay individuals. To propose they have the right to be rebuffed for being homosexuals is a conviction that is reflected in fundamentalist Christian temples too — however in their cases, they separation themselves from viciousness by saying the administration should complete the executions.


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