The resources of the confined individual from the restricted Muslim Brotherhood Mahmoud Ezzat, the acting head of the prohibited gathering, in Egypt has been assessed at about LE 300 billion (US $ 19,1 billion), as indicated by the Saudi T.V. channel, Al-Arabiya net.

The organization acquired data about these resources, saying that a gathering of speculators was financing the Muslim Brotherhood’s resources while others, who don’t have a place with the prohibited gathering, were running the gathering’s interests in return for sharing benefits.

Those money managers incorporate Executive Chairman of Juhayna Food Industries Safwan Thabet, proprietor of the “Al-Tawhid and Al-Nour” shop Sayed Rajab Al-Sweirki, and proprietor of the Nile Cotton Ginning Co. Samir Tahseen Abdel-Halim Afifi, other than previous Minister of Manpower Khaled al-Azhari and previous Minister of Transportation Hatem Abdel-Latif, the organization proceeded.

The organization uncovered that the Muslim Brotherhood obtains a stake at My Way organization for beauty care products, adding more names in different fields like training.

On December 12, the Egyptian specialists captured Abdel-Latif ed upon a capture warrant, and is at present being addressed by the examination specialists.

On 29 August 2020: Mahmoud Ezzat got captured during a security strike on a condo in Cairo subsequent to having been on the run for a very long time. In spite of deceiving data with respect to his whereabouts, security administrations had the option to find Ezzat, 76, who is additionally the top of the Brotherhood’s International Organization.

An Egyptian military court deferred the retrial of the acting head of the prohibited Muslim Brotherhood for the charges of a case publically known as the “Direction Bureau Events” to January 4, 2012. Ezzat was condemned to life detainment in absentia in 2015 for the charges of instigating viciousness that prompted conflicts that occurred outside the Muslim Brotherhood’s central command in Mokkatam locale in Cairo.

On November 1, 2020, a Cairo Court of Appeal has set December 19, 2020, for the main retrial against Ezzat for the charges of spying for Hamas. Ezzat, alongside Muslim Brotherhood pioneer Khairat Al-Shater and 13 others, was condemned to death on July 16, 2015, for charges of spying for Hamas.

Additionally, on December 3, the security administrations captured Al-Sweirki, for an allegation of “financing a psychological militant gathering.” In January 2015, the Agouza Misdemeanor Court in Giza cleared the proprietor of the shop of “Tawheed and Al-Nour” of the charge of “offending the Egyptian banner”, as shoes with the banner were sold in his chain of stores. In 2002, the court condemned Swirky to 7 years in jail on charges of consolidating 5 spouses all the while and manufacturing divorce slips, and wedding with the assistance of legitimate marriage officials, and afterward the sentence was decreased to 3 years after the allure in 2003.


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