Muslim American Leader Accused of Domestic Abuse


Hassan Shibly, CAIR Florida’s Executive Director and a Syrian-American, seems the model of a conventional attentive Muslim man: devout with great facial hair growth, Hajj designation pioneer, a youthful unique speaker on Islamic undertakings, and social liberties advocate safeguarding the privileges of his kin. However, Shibly’s better half as of late took to YouTube to give an urgent supplication to assist with leaving what she affirms is a harmful marriage.

As the resulting embarrassment lit up web-based media, local area individuals ventured forward on Facebook further guaranteeing that Shibly has since quite a while ago occupied with womanizing and polygamy, going into impermanent strict relationships with ladies. Others guarantee that CAIR’s public initiative has known about Shibly’s conduct yet neglected to act – part of a culture of exemption for influential men in American Muslim associations.

On December 28 2020, Imane Sadrati posted a video on Gofundme to fund-raise to help herself and her kids subsequent to choosing to leave a harmful marriage with CAIR-Florida leader chief Hassan Shibly. “I got hitched at an extremely youthful age, when I was 9 months pregnant with my firstborn; my marriage got unstable and oppressive.” She didn’t indicate the idea of the maltreatment, since she had been prompted by her legal advisor “not to go into subtleties as this matter is being taken care of in court”.

The following day, Shibly composed a long post on Facebook on December 29, 2020, guaranteeing he and Sidrati have been isolated for a very long time. He at first confessed to being oppressive before (later cleaning this from the post) and in any case denied his better half’s charges to rather blame her for conjugal maltreatment and being driven by monetary profit. Shibly conceded to strictly wedding another lady, despite the fact that his separation from Sadrati had not been settled under US law.

Inquiries to CAIR went unanswered. Additionally, no answer was gotten from the generally present Linda Sarsour, a known Muslim American women’s activist. When will Muslim Americans acknowledge they’re not very much served by their purported agents?

The outrage has not yet been gotten by the traditional press, however caused a firestorm via web-based media among American Muslims. More than $25,000 was immediately raised for Sidrati on and Facebook clients started posting charges about other offensive direct by Shibly, including sexism and polygamy through nikah relationships, others have additionally guaranteed that CAIR’s public administration has since a long time ago thought about these embarrassments and sat idle.

The outrage comes after a previous CAIR public board party openly blamed the gathering for retaining pay as a reprisal to quiet her and uncovered the presence of a gathering of more than 30 female ex-staff members who say they were exposed to lewd behavior and separation.

A claim by a previous CAIR social liberties lawyer in San Diego nitty-gritty unfair authoritative arrangements and maltreatment by CAIR San Diego’s chief (who unobtrusively left CAIR a while later).

Agencies contacted CAIR to enquire about the matter, to affirm gossipy tidbits about Shibly’s acquiescence, and enquire about the allegations, however had not gotten a reaction as of the hour of distributing this story. In addition, reporters contacted Linda Sarsour twice for input, both as a “women’s activist” and a known Muslim American extremist, however, she didn’t answer on the matter.

The clients in the Facebook bunch FITNA (Feminist Islamic Troublemakers of North America Group) additionally caused to notice how rapidly celebrated male “Researchers” hurry to the safeguard of their own and support a culture of quietness on manhandles that numerous Muslim American ladies around their circles are all around acquainted with. Similar individuals had gone to the guard of Tariq Ramadan after charges of assault surfaced back in 2018 in France. Their calls for staying cool and tuning in to the two sides add up to an excusal of ladies’ voices.

Agencies connected with FITNA comparable to this particular claim, they affirmed: “… For this situation, as in numerous others, Muslim ladies opposing maltreatment locally are viewed as ‘circulating filthy clothing’ and potentially offering grain to Islamophobes. FITNA’s promotion for this situation has effectively been cited by Islamophobic media and we have given an articulation censuring this abuse of our calls for sexual orientation equity for Islamophobic assaults against CAIR and Hassan Shibly. We stand solidly with misuse survivors in their quest for equity and we appeal to God for the more extensive Muslim people group to go along with us in uncovering maltreatment from the local area”.

Aman Ali, a media character, upheld Sidrati’s charges against Shilby and asserted that he actually knows numerous females who had been drawn nearer for “secret relationships”.


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