In late January 2020, the Al-Ansar Charity Association, partnered with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), circulated Iranian monetary help to groups of shaheeds killed from the earliest starting point of the Second Intifada (2000) until Operation Protective Edge (2014). The assets were conveyed to the relationship by the Iranian Martyrs Foundation, which is utilized by the Iranians as a channel for piping finances proposed for social establishments supporting the fear based oppressor associations. The sum disseminated in the Gaza Strip among the groups of shaheeds was not indicated. Be that as it may, in the ITIC’s evaluation, comparatively to 2018, the aggregate sum was near $2 million, paid to around 4,800 families (every family got the whole of $300-600).

There are a few establishments engaged with the way toward moving the assets from Iran to the groups of shaheeds in the Gaza Strip: The Iranian Martyrs Foundation, its branches in Lebanon (the Palestinian Martyr’s Foundation[1] teaming up with Lebanese Hezbollah’s Martyrs Foundation), the Islamic National Bank (a Hamas organization), and the PIJ-subsidiary Al-Ansar Charity Association, which is an official wing of sorts for the appropriation of the assets. This year and in earlier years, workplaces of Al-Ansar Association appropriated qualification coupons to the groups of shaheeds executed in 2000-2014. During the dissemination of the coupons, the image of Qassem Soleimani, slaughtered by the United States in a focused on executing, was posted in the Al-Ansar office, just as the Iranian banner, the symbol of the Palestinian Martyr’s Foundation, and the engraving “Iran is with the groups of shaheeds.” All of this was done to commend Iran and increment its impact among the Gazan open.

The conveyance of assets from Iran to groups of shaheeds killed from the earliest starting point of the Second Intifada until Operation Protective Edge (2000 – July 2014) has been done every year right now the Al-Ansar Charity Association. As a rule, the aggregates conveyed aggregate about $2 million, conveyed to around 4,800 recipients, inhabitants of the Gaza Strip. The assets are normally conveyed yearly. Be that as it may, in 2019, the circulation of installments to the groups of shaheeds was disturbed, maybe because of Iran’s monetary troubles.

Also, littler measures of cash are conveyed by Iran to different classifications of shaheeds’ families in the Gaza Strip, for example, Palestinians slaughtered in Operation Protective Edge or groups of shaheeds from the Gaza Strip to whom the Palestinian Authority chose to slice money related help because of their having a place with Hamas (Al-Monitor in Arabic, June 6, 2019). Installments to the extra classifications of shaheeds’ families are conveyed in extra channels, not really through the Al-Ansar Charity Association. Also, amidst the rush of mainstream fear based oppression in Judea and Samaria, Iran declared its help of $7,000 to every shaheed family in the flood of psychological oppression (alluded to as the Quds Intifada) and $30,000 to every family whose house was demolished by Israel. It is indistinct whether installments have surely been made, when, and by what channel.

The dissemination of assets to shaheeds’ families is utilized to extol Iran among the Gazan open by introducing it as a nation that gives budgetary help to the Palestinians, in contrast to different nations. Nasser al-Sheik Ali, delegate executive of the Al-Ansar affiliation, called attention to in a meeting to the Al-Mayadeen Channel that Iranian help was circulated for the current year notwithstanding Iran’s not kidding money related circumstance because of the US sanctions. Shaheeds’ relatives noticed that the Iranian money related help demonstrates the Iranian help and solidarity with them and the way that in spite of different districts, Iran remembered them.


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