Iran’s links to international organized crime


A progression of articles distributed as of late in the Turkish, British, and American media demonstrate that Iranian insight is utilizing significant worldwide wrongdoing associations and medication cartels in a few nations to propel its objectives, remarkably catching dissenters in the diaspora. These associations have members in different nations, for instance, Romania, a nation where a senior Iranian adjudicator was as of late killed during a baffling outing.

English and American media sources announced that Turkish police as of late captured at any rate 13 individuals from a worldwide wrongdoing association on accuses of working together of Iran’s insight administrations.

One such association has become the long arm of Iranian knowledge. It is controlled by Naji Sharifi Zindashti, brought into the world in Oroumieh, Iran, and the child of a Peshmerga contender. Zindashti was confined in Evin jail after a conviction for drug dealing at 20 years old. He got away from jail and lived in Turkey for a long time. Zindashti had contacts with Turkish legislators in President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s AKP party, yet he tried to give monetarily to the association headed by Fethullah Gülen, the head of the Turkish resistance estranged abroad who lives in the United States.

Zindashti was apparently a mystery observer in the Ergenekon preliminary, and kept on charges of endeavoring to overturn the Turkish government. He was bafflingly delivered from jail in 2010 after his capture in 2007 in Turkey for ownership of 75 kg of heroin.

Turkey’s true news office, Anadolu, as of late affirmed that Iran’s knowledge service utilized Zindashti’s association to kill and hijack Iranian protesters on Turkish soil. Turkey speculates that Zindashti’s emissaries have acted continuous against Iranian outcasts since in any event 2015.

A video broadcast on Sky News on Dec. 16 depicted the hijacking in October of Habib Farajula Kaab, known as Habib Assyud in Turkey, in what the organization called a “honeytrap.” Assyud was VP of the Executive Committee of the Arab Struggle Front for the Liberation of Ahvaz (ASMLA), a gathering working for the privileges of Iran’s Arab minority. The Turkish Ministry of Justice gave a “Red Notice” from Interpol to capture a lady named Sabreen Saeedi, (evidently a Sununuh or “Swallow” specialist) for supposed association in the Assyud snatching. The video film indicated Saeedi baiting Assyud to fly from Sweden to Turkey and meeting him in a gas station 80 km from Istanbul. He was then kidnapped by Zindashti’s pack and driven 1,600 km to Iran to stand preliminary.

The Iranian “Swallow” agent Sabreen Saeedi, suspected of delivering Assyud to Zindashti’s gang.

Another Sununuh specialist, Sherine Najaf, is associated with tricking protester columnist Ruhollah Zam from Belgium to Iraq, where he was abducted. Slam was executed by holding tight Dec. 12.

Journalist Ruhollah Zam and his alleged “Sununuh” seductress, Sherine Nahafi.

In 2018, Zindashti and individuals from his posse were accused in Turkey of medication dealing, the homicide of another Iranian ex-pat named Saeed Karimian, the originator and overseer of JAM TV channels, and medication related killings. They were before long delivered, evidently because of a blend of lawbreaking, pay off, absence of proof and political weight from sources near Erdoğan.

Banished Iranian writers working for Iran International TV slot in London detailed that they had gotten signs that Zindashti was additionally engaged with the death of a senior Iranian adjudicator, Gholamreza Mansouri, at an inn in Romania’s capital in June 2020. As per the station, Zindashti passed a request from Iran to his cousin, Hossein Karimi Rickabadi, a notable global criminal in Romania, to kill the appointed authority, who held extensive data about the debasement of senior Iranian system figures.

Mansouri’s passing was governed a self destruction (he bounced from the fifth floor of his Bucharest inn), however his family brought up numerous issues about the reason for death and why Iranian representatives taught him to go from Germany to Romania subsequent to getting clinical treatment in a German medical clinic. They guarantee his strange exchange to Romania ended up trying not to kill him on German soil, which would have come at a high conciliatory, political and financial cost for the Iranian system.

Zindashti was additionally needed in Greece in 2014 after the revelation of the biggest shipment of heroin in European history. After the two-ton shipment was revealed on a tanker, a progression of puzzling killings occurred in different nations. In September 2014, Zindashti’s 19-year-old girl, Arzu Sherifi Zindashti, was shot dead in Istanbul’s Büyükçekmece region on her approach to Istanbul University. Zindashti’s accomplices in the medication bargain ended up on the less than desirable finish of the horde manager’s fierceness. News sources in Turkey, Greece and different nations blamed Zindashti regarding in any event 10 killings.

Following 13 years under observation in Turkey for slaughtering his adversaries, Zindashti presumably understood that getting back to Iran would be a more brilliant act, and that on the off chance that he helped out Iranian knowledge, he could likewise run his association in Turkey from Iran, subsequently making sure about his future.

Some prominent killings and kidnappings of Iranian outcasts are ascribed to Zindashti’s association:

• On May 30, 2017, Saeed Karimian and his Kuwaiti accomplice, Mohammed Mutayeb Salihi, were executed in an assault on a private vehicle in Istanbul’s Sharir locale. Turkey said that the professional killer fled (apparently to Iran).

• On Nov. 14, 2019, Masoud Mulvey, organizer of Telegram Black Box, which distributed data about Iranian insight, was killed on a significant road in Istanbul. As per Turkish security authorities, the shooter was a nursery worker at Zindashti’s estate in Istanbul. The culprit was evidently captured.

• On Oct. 23, 2020, Assyud was kidnapped from Turkey by the Zindashti posse and moved to Iran. The team, numbering 13 individuals, was as of late captured by Turkish security powers.

• In January 2019, Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok uncovered that his administration’s mystery administration “had solid signs that Iran was engaged with the deaths of two Dutch nationals of Iranian source, in Almere in 2015 and The Hague in 2017.” He characterized the Iranian activities as “explicitly harming to Dutch sway and totally inadmissible.” The casualties were Ahmad Molla Nissi, a senior ASMLA official killed in November 2017 at the doorstep of his home in The Hague, and Ali Motamed, who was killed close to his home in Almere in December 2015. Hezbollah keeps up binds with Dutch criminal components in different fields, including drug dealing.

• lately, European knowledge administrations have revealed—with the help of Israeli insight—a few different endeavors by Iran to target Iranian resistance activists on European soil.

• In 2018, Albania ousted Iran’s envoy and another ambassador, who it guaranteed were engaged with endeavors to target resistance figures in the nation. At that point, in January 2020, Albania ousted another two Iranian representatives for “imperiling Albania’s public security.” The two were recognized as an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps official and an individual from the Iranian Intelligence Agency MOIS. They were accounted for to be partners of Quds Force leader Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

• In October 2018, Danish and Swiss authorities revealed an Iranian specialist expectation on killing an ASMLA lobbyist in Copenhagen.

Iran’s insight administrations, including the Intelligence Ministry and IRGC (particularly its Quds Force working external Iran), utilize different “covers” for their knowledge and psychological warfare exercises. Iranian government offices, offices and appointments voyaging abroad fill in as cover for fear based oppressor exercises and insight gathering, while Iran utilizes Iran Air airplane for comparative purposes. Iranian knowledge authorities likewise go to worldwide wrongdoing and medication cartels, (for example, the endeavor to kill the Saudi envoy to the United States in 2011) to complete deaths and accumulate insight, and use drug cash to back their action, which shrouds official Iranian contribution.

In the interim, mobster Zindashti fled to Iran, where he carries on with a public life, working transparently with the Iranian Intelligence Ministry and, as indicated by “educated sources,” maintaining his medication business.

Iran has guaranteed for quite a long time that “unrecognized officers” of its knowledge administrations are conveyed the nation over and past. It is presently certain that probably a portion of these “unrecognized warriors” are working through significant wrongdoing and medication dealing associations.

Iran’s “Teflon shield” may give greater invulnerability in front of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden’s entrance into the White House in January and the chance of a U.S. re-visitation of the structure of the JCPOA atomic understanding in 2021.


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