Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota quoted the Quran on Twitter, Wednesday, to suggest that those who accuse her of infidelity should be flogged.

Omar’s suggestion came after Twitter user Retawa Agnihotri quoted a passage of the Quran that condemns adulterers beneath one of congresswoman’s tweets. Omar responded with a Quranic verse of her own that directs the faithful to “flog” those who make false accusations of against “chaste women.”

This trade promptly drew noteworthy analysis. Robby Starbuck, a cultivated music video maker and preservationist political intellectual tolled in, calling it “totally crazy” that a “US Congresswoman energizes whipping the individuals who are rebellious to Allah.”

Maajid Nawaz, the organizer of a counter-fanaticism think tank likewise noticed how “ISIS and different Islamists have as of late actualized such sacred text with awful outcomes.”

“How proper do you [Omar] think it is for you to be freely refering to this section pushing lashing other individuals, so openly,” he inquired.

Mohammad Tawhidi, otherwise called the Imam of Peace, said something, recommending that it’s unexpected how the congresswoman appeared to describe herself as a “modest lady.”

Agnihotri’s unique notice of infidelity is likely an implication to Omar’s long history of relationship outrages. The dynamic agent as of late entered her fourth marriage, this opportunity to her main pledge drive, Tim Mynett.

This marriage came not long after Omar separated from her subsequent spouse, Ahmed Hirsi, in November after claims broke that she was going behind Hirsi’s back with Mynett, as indicated by the Daily Caller. Mynett’s ex claims he admitted to his issue with the delegate, as per the Caller, anyway both he and Omar have denied any outrageous relationship, reports the New York Post.

She has likewise been blamed for wedding her sibling, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, to assist him with increasing an American citizenship. This is confirm by a currently erased Facebook post from 2013 in which Omar appears to recognize Elmi as a component of her family, reports the Caller.


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