Germany cuts funding for Islamic Relief aid group over ties to Muslim Brotherhood


The German government has stopped financing to help association Islamic Relief Worldwide over its supposed connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, the Interior Ministry said in light of a solicitation for data from a resistance.

A representative for the service told writers it had data that both Islamic Relief Worldwide and Islamic Relief Deutschland (IRD) had “critical individual connects to the Muslim Brotherhood” or related associations and offshoots.

The Muslim Brotherhood – a transnational Sunni Islamist association established in Egypt by Islamic researcher and teacher Hassan al-Banna in 1928 – has for quite some time been condemned as a fear based oppressor association by Germany.

In 2018, a neighborhood German media source, refering to German Intelligence and security sources, said an official report has inferred that German security specialists consider the Muslim Brotherhood bunch as “more hazardous” to Germany’s vote based system, contrasted with the ISIS.

The stopping of help followed an inquiry from Germany’s Free Democratic Party on gifts by the public authority to Islamic Relief Worldwide , reserved for the usage of philanthropic guide in Syria, specifically to help wellbeing offices with medications and clinical supplies

The choice to stop gifts follows news reports in August that IR’s initiative surrendered all at once after the revelation that the guide association’s new chief had marked fear based oppressors “legends”.

The chief had depicted heads of the Hamas fanatic gathering as “incredible men” who were replying “the #divine and heavenly call of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The remarks were made in web-based media posts somewhere in the range of 2014 and 2015 and revealed by psychological warfare analysts.

Settled in Birmingham, UK, Islamic Relief depicts itself on its site as “a worldwide guide organization that has served mankind for more than 30 years by endeavoring to make the world a superior, more pleasant spot.”

It adds: “We stay guided by the ageless qualities and lessons of the Quran and prophetic model. Thusly, you don’t should be a Muslim to work for us, however you should show a guarantee to our confidence enlivened qualities – earnestness, greatness, sympathy, social equity and custodianship.”


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