A Muslim common freedoms and support bunch is approaching Joe Biden to undermine the nation’s counterterrorism program, guaranteeing it is just a path for law requirement to victimize Muslims.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which considers itself the biggest such support bunch in the country, has requested that Biden undermine the Office for Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention inside his initial 100 days in office. The program doesn’t explicitly target Muslims but instead, tries to forestall a wide range of psychological warfare coming from all sides of the globe, remembering racial domination for the United States.

Seamus Hughes, representative head of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University, gotten a duplicate of the letter sent from CAIR to Biden. Hughes noted on Twitter:

“@CAIRNational puts out its multi day plan for new Administration. Calls for undermining countering rough fanaticism programs, contradicting any proposed homegrown psychological warfare resolutions, and ‘end the FBI’s utilization of sources to keep an eye on American Muslim people group.’ “

Hughes joined a duplicate of the letter that plot CAIR’s requests on top of its craving to see the Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention office undermined. The gathering likewise wishes to see Biden end the illegal intimidation watchlist, end the Quiet Skies and Silent Partner program that tracks expected fear based oppressors, reject any new homegrown psychological warfare government rules, and the vote based top choice, shut down Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

CAIR requests the quick arrival of the individuals who are kept in Cuba, most of whom, if not all, are suspected psychological oppressors. The gathering needs those still in authority who have been cleared to be delivered be sent back to their nations of origin. It likewise requests that the individuals who will stay in U.S. guardianship be sent into the United States and managed fair treatment given to those that are on U.S. soil.

CAIR not just recorded its requests to Biden in the letter, however in an indirect way, it assaulted President Donald Trump and his organization’s approaches. The gathering additionally noticed its disappointment with arrangements that were ordered before Trump and approved by previous Presidents Barack Obama and George H.W. Hedge. As per CAIR, both previous presidents played a part in “approaches and projects that prompted the prejudicial profiling and focusing of American Muslims by state and government law authorization.”

The gathering additionally needs Biden to address what they accept are denials of basic freedoms of Muslims in different nations, similar to China, India and Burma. How precisely they wish for him to consider sovereign nations capable without fighting was not clarified.

CAIR additionally noticed that Biden should consider the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia responsible for the capturing and ruthless homicide of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi nonconformist and writer. Khashoggi, a contributing reporter for the Washington Post, was killed and dismantled inside the Saudi office in Istanbul, Turkey in 2018. There were gossipy tidbits that Crown Prince Mohammed canister Salman requested the appalling homicide, a case that he and the Saudi Arabian government have denied.

CAIR National Director Nihad Awad on Dec. 22 expressed that he is confident Biden will tune in to the gathering’s requests and change the manner in which Muslims are treated in the United States. He is completely anticipating that Biden should make new standards and strategies explicitly intended to secure the social equality of Muslims. He stated:

“CAIR accepts that the Biden-Harris organization gives our country an open door not exclusively to fix the harm brought about by earlier organizations – including arrangements and projects that prompted the prejudicial profiling and focusing of American Muslims by state and government law implementation – however to embrace new activities that ensure and regard the privileges of everybody in our country, including American Muslims.”


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