Al Qaeda-Trained Terrorist Found Guilty of Recruiting Inmates for ISIS, Sentenced to 300 Months in Prison


A 46-year-old worldwide psychological militant indicted for extra fear monger movement that he submitted while a prisoner of the U.S. Agency of Prisons has been condemned in the Eastern District of Texas, declared the Department of Justice.

Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed, an Ethiopian public conceived in Eretria, was seen as blameworthy by a jury in December 2019, of endeavoring to offer material help to an assigned unfamiliar fear monger association (ISIS) and offering a bogus expression to the FBI. Ahmed was condemned to an extra 300 months in government jail today by U.S. Area Judge Marcia A. Hag.

“While in jail for an earlier psychological warfare conviction, Ahmed kept on taking part in fear monger action by enlisting individual detainees to join ISIS and preparing them in anticipation of future assaults,” said Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers. “However long psychological oppressors continue affronting, the Department will keep on dealing with them. We have done as such for this situation.”

“This present fear based oppressor’s unique jail sentence didn’t lessen his help of ISIS or its appalling philosophy,” said U.S. Lawyer Stephen J. Cox. “Luckily, his endeavors to radicalize and prepare others to submit demonstrations of viciousness against regular people were foiled by the snappy activities of our law requirement accomplices. Our office is focused on seeking after fear based oppressors any place they cover up, including inside our government jail framework.”

“As psychological oppressors have developed more resolved to perpetrate brutality on populaces and utilize any device or strategy available to them to do as such, law requirement has gotten more light-footed in upsetting their plots,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Houston Division Perrye K. Turner. “In spite of carrying out a punishment for psychological warfare charges, Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed had steady plan to proceed on his mission for dread, and utilized his admittance to detained people to additional his enrolling endeavors for ISIS. The present sentence not just shows the perseverance psychological oppressors and fear monger associations have yet additionally, strengthens the determination of FBI operators in the Beaumont Resident Agency to ensure the country.”

As per data introduced in court, in 2013 Ahmed was indicted in the Southern District of New York of scheming to offer material help to and get military-type preparing from an unfamiliar psychological oppressor association. Ahmed had gone to an al Qaeda instructional course in Afghanistan in 1996 and was an individual from the Brandbergen Mosque organization, which monetarily and strategically upheld other fear based oppressor gatherings. A government judge in New York condemned Ahmed to 111 months in bureaucratic jail and he was moved to the Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) in Beaumont, Texas to carry out his punishment.

Ahmed proceeded with his fear based oppressor exercises while carrying out his punishment at FCI-Beaumont. He enlisted in any event five detainees to join ISIS and to direct psychological oppressor acts in the United States after their delivery from government authority, disclosing to them that he was lined up with ISIS and upheld al Shabaab and al Qaeda. From jail, he commended the Ariana Grande show bombarding and different demonstrations of dread in the news, telling a prisoner, “They murder kids, we going to slaughter kids.” Ahmed needed the detainees he was enrolling to either go abroad to join ISIS, or make “sleeper cells” inside the United States to do assaults.

Ahmed gave would-be initiates an instructional booklet on the best way to complete fierce jihad, including subjects, for example, “how to do guerilla war,” “choice of human targets,” and “how to do deaths.” He even held physical preparing practices with different detainees in the jail yard to get them fit as a fiddle to do the demonstrations of dread he was plotting. Ahmed likewise talked about a plot with individual detainees to bomb the Federal Detention Center in New York City as a retribution for his indictment there.

This case was explored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Beaumont Resident Agency, out of the Houston Division, and arraigned by Assistant U.S. Lawyer Christopher T. Tortorice and Trial Attorneys Alicia Cook and Katie Sweeten of the National Security Division’s Counterterrorism Section. Partner U.S. Lawyer Christopher T. Rapp partook in the condemning hearing.


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