Abd Al Nur Shalan is a U.S.- assigned Lebanese finance manager who has filled in as Hezbollah’s go-to person for the coordination, obtainment, and shipment of weapons and materials for Hezbollah’s Syrian accomplices. A critical facilitator for Hezbollah’s weapons pirating, Shalan was assigned by the U.S. Branch of the Treasury as a Specially Designated National on July 21, 2015.

Since 2000, Shalan has purportedly been Hezbollah’s go-to person for weapons move to the gathering’s Syrian accomplices. In November 2009, Shalan facilitated with Hezbollah and Syrian authorities to obtain and convey a great many rifles to Syria. Shalan is supposedly a nearby partner of Muhammad Qasir, the head of Hezbollah Unit 108—a division that aids the exchange of weapons, innovation, and other help from Syria to Lebanon.

Since the beginning of the Syrian struggle, Shalan has worked with the stock of weapons, including little arms, to Hezbollah faculty in Syria as he guaranteed that things bought by Hezbollah would endure customs in Syria.

In 2010, Shalan expedited an agreement that elaborate Hezbollah, Syrian authorities, and organizations in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, to buy and sell weapons. That very year, Shalan gained huge loads of anhydride for Hezbollah. Anhydride is a synthetic specialist which is utilized in the creation of explosives and opiates.

Shalan’s capacity to camouflage weapons creation offices in non-military personnel industrial facilities, his dealing organization, and his capacity to keep concocting better approaches to dodge sanctions, seems to have made him a vital part of the Hizballah arms organization.

In 2014, Shalan supposedly utilized an undisclosed organization as a cover to shroud weapons-related material for Hezbollah.

On July 21, 2015, the U.S. Division of Treasury assigned Abd Al Nur Shalan as a Specially Designated National for following up in the interest of Hezbollah. In spite of the assignment, Shalan helped to establish another business, Orient Star LLC, in Damascus in September 2016.

Given Shalan’s relationship with Hezbollah, Saudi Arabia boycotted Shalan, alongside 11 others, on November 27, 2015, as they filled in as “elements going about as venture arms for exercises of the gathering’s pernicious exercises past the lines of Lebanon.”


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