The conflation of Islam and terrorism in the USA


Tariq Fattah, a conspicuous scientist in the “Center East Forum” (Middle East Forum), cautioned of the peril of the “Fellowship” and the gatherings partnered with it entering the political and instructive frameworks and substances in the United States of America, bringing up that “political Islam bunches address the fundamental wellspring of danger.” Of European Civilizations”.

Fattah, a Pakistani-Canadian essayist, and specialist, and originator of the Canadian Muslim Conference, clarified in a workshop he provided for the Middle East Forum by means of video meeting that political Islam bunches unmistakably control political elements and characters in America, saying: “They forced “They control each lawmaker in the country, regardless of whether from Democrats or Republicans. They go to their homes, and they have pictures of them in various rooms.”

In his discourse, he cautioned the members in the conference, that the greater part of the public authority financing for the associations of the Muslim people group in America is centered at last around the associations partnered with the Brotherhood, so they had the option to “delude the American framework.”

The specialist cautioned that notwithstanding political organizations, the “Fellowship” is as yet invading instructive foundations in America, referring to the “Muslim Student Union” that exists in essentially every American secondary school and school.

Fattah added: “If European nations disagree on the possibility that political Islam has become an existential danger to them, the individuals who mistake religion for political prevalence will proceed over program people in the future of Muslims in the West, utilizing the claims of Islamophobia. Also, raising issues of imperialism and race.


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