Sanders Hires Who Associated Zionism With Racism, Blamed America for 9/11


Bernie Sanders’ most up to date senior counsel has a past filled with ignitable remarks that incorporate putting fault on America for 9/11, decrying Michelle Obama’s appearance, and in any event, portraying the Obama organization’s Osama bin Laden takedown as “movement.

On Saturday, the Sanders battle included self-broadcasted “activist” Phillip Agnew to the finance as a senior consultant, as the Vermont congressperson endeavors to close the race hole that has pushed previous VP Joe Biden to essential triumphs in various southern states. Sanders called Agnew, who is dark, a “skilled coordinator” in a discharge.

“I am excited to welcome Phillip to our team,” Sanders said of Agnew, who additionally known  by the name Umi Selah. “He is a gifted organizer and one of his generation’s most critical voices on issues of race and inequity. He has and will continue to push me and this movement to deliver on what is owed to Black people who have yet to experience reciprocity in this country.”

A Washington Free Beacon report in January uncovered a progression of web-based social networking posts in which Agnew seems to contend that the U.S. government was behind the September 11 fear based oppressor assaults. Agnew tweeted just before the assaults’ ninth commemoration that “Tomorrow America recalls the day that she turned on herself, destroyed her constitution, and killed her own residents for the sake of cash.” Agnew likewise shared an animation recommending that American international strategy caused the assaults in a 2016 Instagram post with the subtitle “#neverforget what goes round come round.”

All over, it might appear as though the above articulation shouldn’t warrant even the scarcest particle of creative mind: President Obama is simply handing-off the oft-utilized figure of speech of Zionist-African-American solidarity! Anybody can get that, isn’t that so? Particularly the much defamed, ever-flexible African Americans. President Obama is simply helping us to remember the solid authentic similitudes that we share with the politically-sanctioned racial segregation province of Israel. No creative mind required here.”

Agnew then envisioned that American Blacks made a state – Israel-like – in the US South after the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

“Dark Americans, notwithstanding a generous reparations bundle, were given what was once known as the conditions of Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama for Africans to settle,” he wrote in spoof.

“Harkening to Biblical references of a wonder ointment ready to recuperate any condition the principal pioneers renamed the land ‘Gilead’, and set about bringing the vision of the ‘Guaranteed Land’ from dream to the real world.

“The main pilgrims started showing up in 1964 and left on the exhausting undertaking of purging the place where there is white occupants and indigenous individuals. It was difficult yet after the slaughter of thousands and mass departures of many thousands, and with a large number of whites and local people groups resettled in displaced person camps dispersed across Mexico, Canada, and Texas, the children and little girls of African slaves at long last had a home to call their own.”

Agnew went on: “Today, ‘Gilead’ proceeds with the dehumanization, occupation and imprisonment of thousands of local people groups inside and outside its ever-extending politically-sanctioned racial segregation system. Human rights infringement proliferate, youngsters are besieged, while the ‘edified’ world is part between protecting ‘Gilead’s’ all in all correct to ethnic immaculateness and looking the other way.”

Agnew composed that “announcements like Obama’s, and a chorale of others, would have you to accept that the territory of Israel was established for the wellbeing, security and power of a ‘People without a home.’

“It is a falsehood. It is, similar to a lot of what we are told about Israeli history, an illusion of our very much manicured creative mind. All individuals merit security and wellbeing, however that never gives individuals the option to bomb unpredictably (Gaza is, once more, enduring an onslaught), detain individuals vaguely, and reproduce the coldblooded separation and dislodging that prompted the establishing of your alleged ‘country’.”

Agnew, Sanders new senior advisor, said Zionism is a “supremacist, exploitative and exclusionary belief system; its energy to assault and quietness depreciates is just coordinated by its enthusiasm to co-pick the battles of Blacks right now (a Black right now) its own endurance.”

On Sunday Agnew apologized for tweeting deriding remarks in 2009 about Michelle Obama’s appearance, coming back to the web-based social networking stage to apologize for “inept remarks” he tweeted as a 23-year-old.


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