Qatar Funds Hezbollah through Gold


Qatar worked a subsidizing network for arms shipments from Europe to Hezbollah utilizing gold shipments exchanged through Africa, agreeing the most recent disclosures on the nation’s relationship with the volunteer army.

The Austrian-based research organization Mena-Watch distributed subtleties on Tuesday of high-positioning Qatari authorities who facilitated the installments and offered security for Doha-based Hezbollah lenders. The post from the research organization drew on a dossier arranged by the operator known as Jason who worked covert in the nation.

It named driving authorities including Dhalan Al Hamad, who in 2015 was made VP of the International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) and is Qatar Athletics President.

“General Dhalan Al Hamad, an individual from the imperial family in Qatar, utilized gold from Uganda to subsidize this arms exchange,” the dossier states.

The arms-for-gold ring was a detailed plan in 2017 to purchase weaponry in Serbia and move the weapons through an organization of ex-insight authorities from North Macedonia. The arms were marked as building materials and badged as neighborhood steel merchandise. The Balkan go betweens worked with Qatar-based customers to guarantee the weapons were moved first to the Greek port of Thessaloniki and on to Beirut where the volunteer army ruled the port.

The North Macedonian traditions gave counterfeit transportation records under the bearing of a previous top of the nation’s mystery administration.

Installment to the Serbian organizations was steered through Cyprus as gold provided by valuable metal vendors in Uganda. The assets for the gold at last originated from Qatar-based magnanimous associations that are heavily influenced by the nation’s most senior figures. The causes utilized the nation’s driving banks to make the exchanges.

Backing of Hezbollah is continuous from Qatar as the year progressed. It is perceived that German insight has certified the data on Qatar’s organization over the three landmasses and past. German got a prohibition on Hezbollah recently and did a progression of attacks on associated agents with the gathering around the nation.

“With the information on compelling government authorities, the gifts were created by good cause in Doha,” agreeing the dossier “Most importantly, the Qatari foundations Sheik Eid and the Education Foundation gave 500 million dollars to Hezbollah in 2020 alone.”

Mena-Watch included that Qatar’s activities were not restricted to supporting fear based oppressor assaults and financing its weapons obtainment. Hezbollah sent contenders from its positions to Syria to shield the system of President Bashar Al Assad.


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