Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist group, does not represent Islam: Saudi Scholars


The Saudi Council of Senior Scholars said on Tuesday that the Muslim Brotherhood is a psychological militant gathering and doesn’t speak to the genuine estimations of Islam, the Saudi Press Agency detailed.

The committee portrayed the Brotherhood as a degenerate gathering that subverts concurrence inside countries and works up rebellion, viciousness and illegal intimidation. The gathering seeks after its hardliner objectives trying to hold onto more force for itself, and does as such under the front of religion, it added. It said that the historical backdrop of the association is one of insidiousness, hardship, fanaticism and psychological oppression.

Therefore, the board said any type of help, including subsidizing, for the Brotherhood is prohibited, as per the lessons of the Qur’an and the Sunnah . It added that the Brotherhood is an abnormal and freak bunch that supports defiance to rulers, unleashes ruin in states and destabilizes serene concurrence.

From its arrangement, the gathering has never demonstrated any regard for the Islamic doctrine or the information contained inside the Qur’an or the Sunnah — its lone objective has been to get the reins of intensity, the researchers said.

They finished up by bringing up that the historical backdrop of the Muslim Brotherhood uncovers the full size of the malevolence and wickedness it is liable for, and that it has propelled the arrangement of numerous radical and fear monger bunches that are liable for abominations all around the globe.

The committee approached people in general to be careful about the Brotherhood and its exercises, and cautioned them not to go along with it, uphold it or become engaged with its exercises.

Saudi Arabia boycotted the Muslim Brotherhood as a fear monger association in May 2014, in an illustrious pronouncement, alongside three other Middle East-based Islamist gatherings. The pronouncement prohibited enrollment of the gatherings, alongside any type of help or compassion toward them communicated “through discourse or composing.”


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