Muslim Brother Encouraging Racism against China and Chinese people


Dr. Abdulaziz Ali Al-Khazraj Al-Ansari, a specialist, expert and moderator of TV programs, approached the ace Muslim Brotherhood on the network channel on the YouTube stage a billion Chinese distraught and required their purifying.

He began his discussion about crown ailment, and said that the infection came uniquely from the Chinese messy individuals, as he stated, and said that the Chinese individuals are a people referred to for quite a while as a grimy people comparable to eating it.

He told about a companion who lives in China who has a canine, and one of his kindred laborers butchered his companion’s pooch and placed it in the open fridge utilized by the laborers, and when he got some information about his grievous demonstration, he addressed that the pooch meat is acceptable, and this is something beneficial for blood and wellbeing all in all

He depended on the way that they eat bats in numerous conventional dishes, and he likewise discussed that they are the wellspring of the development of dark plague, and composed a message to the World Health Organization saying: “They found an answer for this grimy, alcoholic individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea what to eat, an uncouth people and eat whatever strolls on the ground Or in the water, and he said that they are the first to be contaminated with dark plague. “

What’s more, he kept on expressing that “the Chinese individuals are an appalling people and inclination to blacklist this nation. We don’t need advanced mobile phones, vehicles or anything from them, and this is on the grounds that they are a people without religion, not strict, skeptics, and they have laws.”

“Each opportunity an illness comes to us, when a pig influenza, when a fledgling influenza, by what method may the most serious pandemics not influence them,” he approached Arab and Islamic nations and the United Nations to discover an answer for these sickening people groups, and he didn’t convey from his mouth even Filipinos and Thais. Bodies and creatures eating alive, remembered for the video are appalling recordings of Chinese executing and butchering creatures in a dishonorable manner, and decimating them they are alive

Including that the Chinese are educators Gog and Magog, and he said that Gog and Magog before they go out to individuals will take exercises in mercilessness and murdering on account of the Chinese individuals

He finished up by saying that his words are a message that he needs to pass on to the watchers and global associations with respect to taking a firm choice in regards to this sickening nation.

He said that the Corona infection was brought about by the spread of China and business departures from China to the nations of the world, and that America and the world didn’t fare thee well and didn’t close the fringes to maintain a strategic distance from the spread of the pandemic, and the two nations didn’t close all air terminals to Chinese items and airplane, and he said that a boycott ought to be made to the Chinese individuals and segregate them from the world, And that nobody should visit China except if totally vital


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