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Linda Sarsour takes break from Twitter after Anti-Israel Tweet

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Linda Sarsour, the leader of the former women’s march company, announced that she will suspend her use of Twitter after being criticized for supporting a tweet mocking IDF efforts to help rescue apartment victims collapsed in Surfside, Florida.
On July 5, Rafael Shimunov, who is involved in IfNotNow and Jewish organizations for racial and economic justice, tweeted: “I really don’t understand the IDF’s involvement in the rescue of buildings in Miami. The people who were crushed to death under the building has its expertise in destroying buildings with people inside, not rescuing them.

”Sarsour cited Shimunov’s tweet on Twitter, which have been deleted.

Sarsour’s apparent recognition of this tweet was criticized by the ambassador from Israel at the United Nations, Danny Danon, who responded to Sarsour on Twitter: “I don’t expect those who worship violence and death to understand value of life and people. The IDF, the Israeli army, is the most ethical army in the world and will always support our allies when necessary.

Michael Dickson, executive director of StandWithUs Israel, also tweeted that Sarsour’s tweets were “evil” and “relentless,” accusing Sarsour of “aggravating the victims while many Jews are still buried under the rubble of #surfside.” and American first responders work hand in hand to help them and their neighbors from different backgrounds.

writer Emily Schrader similarly tweeted: “Imagine being such a small person, you will be mad at those who don’t like saving lives. Linda Sarsour is mad that the IDF saves lives in #Miami. Remember this.
Lastly. As of July 5, Sarsour tweeted that he was taking a break from Twitter and “will be back in a few days.” “On this website, people without morals or values ​​can accept someone’s tweets and claim they have higher status without reflect or review the atrocities and injustices they endure every day.
Several Jewish and pro-Israeli Twitter users began to criticize Sarsour further. Author Peter Fox believes that Sasol’s “those who have no morals or values” refer to Jews. “I am a tolerant person, but you should apologize, maybe a Saturday dinner. Julia Jassey, executive director of Jewish Campuses also tweeted a similar tweet:” At least you can apologize for disrespecting him. to the victims and for cheap excavations for Israeli volunteers. ” But it’s so much easier to keep aiming, right? IMHO, you are someone in need of reflection and review, Linda.

International human rights lawyer Arsen Ostrovsky also wrote on Twitter: “Get out of trouble. I hope #Sarsour and its ruthless anti-Semitism and hatred stay away forever.
The condo collapse occurred on June 24; at the time of Writing this article, at least 46 people have died in the landslide and 94 people have yet to be found.

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