A board of trustees gaining practical experience in the seizure of benefits having a place with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has recorded a claim to nationalize the assets of 89 individuals from the gathering, including the beneficiaries of the expired President Mohamed Morsi, as indicated by nearby sources.

The legislature has set up a council to tally and deal with the assets of the Muslim Brotherhood since the gathering was proclaimed a “psychological oppressor association” in December 2013.

The favorable to resistance news site, Mada Masr, refered to lawful sources who said “a claim has been recorded under the watchful eye of the Court for Urgent Matters, requiring the manner and move of responsibility for possessed by various individuals and pioneers of the Muslim Brotherhood to coordinate in the public depository”.

The site expressed that “the court has booked a meeting on 27 September to think working on this issue”.

The preliminary incorporates 89 Muslim Brotherhood pioneers, strikingly the beneficiaries of the late previous President Morsi, the nation’s first fairly chose regular citizen president, Deputy General Leader Khairat Al-Shater, Abdel-Rahman Al-Barr, Mohamed Al-Beltagy, Safwat Hijazi, Mahmoud Ghazlan and others, they included.

In March this year, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi affirmed the revisions to the Terrorist Entities Act, permitting the expansion of the reallocation and freezing of benefits, assets and property of people on fear based oppressor and illegal intimidation records.

The Muslim Brotherhood and its individuals have consistently denied any connects to illegal intimidation and said such allegations are an exertion by the legislature to subdue resistance gatherings.


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