A spilled sound account on YouTube affirmed that Turkish patriot/Islamist aggressor Alparslan Celik, the supposed enemy of one of the pilots of a brought down Russian SU-24 stream in Syria in 2015, had worked intimately with Turkish knowledge and the police power while appreciating political and lawful securities from lawful burdens.

The chronicle, which caught a discussion among Celik and Ilgın Sentürk, a nearby associate, uncovers how the Turkish government utilized jihadist assailants like Celik to fuel the Syrian common conflict and shielded him from lawful difficulties back in Turkey when he was on the run from the law.

In the telephone discussion that seemed to have been recorded as of late, Celik conceded that he had coordinated the attack on the brought down Russian pilot for the benefit of the Turkish state and was associated with the killing of Russian battle pilot Maj. Rumyantsev Sergei Aleksandrovich. He communicated no regret for what he had done and seemed to have acknowledged his detainment as a commitment to the Turkish state after escalated Russian tension on the public authority of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Report that affirmed a Turkish contender stream pilot realized he was taking shots at a Russian Sukhoi Su-24M warplane in airspace over the Turkish-Syrian line region when he was requested to shoot by the officer of the Air Force, Gen. Abidin Ünal, with the endorsement of the public authority.

In the chronicle, which was shared on YouTube by banished columnist Ahmet Nesin, Celik said he expected his capture after the video film that embroiled him in the homicide of the dropping pilot in Syria was distributed in the media. He was gloating about how he had partaken in jihad in Syria and kept up with comfortable relations with Turkish authorities.

Affirming what numerous all around accepted, Celik conceded on the telephone that he was ensured by investigators in Izmir, driven by then-Chief Public Prosecutor Okan Bato and Counterterrorism and Organized Crime Bureau examiner Berkant Karakaya, the two followers of President Erdogan, who hand-picked them for the work.

“My inconveniences might have been a lot of more awful on the off chance that they had not ensured me,” he added.

Indeed, the first charges against Çelik for the homicide of the brought down Russian pilot were immediately excused by Karakaya, who guaranteed there was no proof supporting the criminal indictment of Çelik for the homicide of the Russian pilot.

Solely after pressure from Russia began mounting on the Turkish government and Moscow began uncovering President Erdoğan’s family dealings with the illicit oil dealing with business from the Islamic State Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was Çelik kept again on charges that steered clear of the homicide of the Russian pilot.

Notwithstanding the lawful cover given by the examiners, Çelik and his sidekicks were likewise firmly associated with insight, police office and administering party authorities in Izmir in running a significant racketeering ring. Not exclusively did they traffick contenders and arms to Syria yet additionally ran coordinated wrongdoing exercises in Izmir, compromised and coerced financial specialists to blackmail cash, hold onto their resources and assume control over their organizations.

The telephone discussion gave hints concerning who in the Turkish government was associated with plans to extort financial specialists in pernicious arraignments. Gürbüz Yüksel, the then-local top of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) in Izmir; Kudret Dikmen, top of the insight division of the Izmir police; and examiners Bato and Karakaya were instigators running the racketeering plan in Izmir.

He addressed different news sources including US Fox News uncovering the subtleties of how the gathering held onto the resources of government pundits from the Gülen development, a gathering that is against the Erdoğan government and incredulous of the Turkish government’s helping and abetting of furnished jihadist gatherings. He likewise presented a plot to kill American minister Andrew Brunson, who was illegitimately imprisoned in Turkey before previous US president Donald Trump mediated in tying down his delivery and get back to the US. The Erdoğan government had intended to nail the death to the Gülen bunch if Kurtuluş had proceeded with the homicide.

The criminal examination concerning Çelik was at first dropped by Izmir examiner Karakaya after a one-and-a-half month request in May 2016. Karakaya asserted that the examination report of the Russian pilot showed that notwithstanding four gunfire wounds, he had breaks in his skull and that this might have come about because of a hit to the glass top of the cockpit as he was shot out from the brought down plane and may have prompted his passing. He likewise asserted that the video film showed that Celik was educating his men to not shoot yet rather abduct the pilot, despite the fact that he later conceded that he requested them to fire and was liable for the conduct of his men as their leader.

The investigator’s thinking repudiated the video accounts that showed the minutes Çelik and his men were taking shots at the dropping pilots. In a remark to the Turkish press just after the episode, he conceded he and his men went after the pilots and that they were killed noticeable all around. He said he had effectively cautioned Russia and different supporters of the Bashar al-Assad system with results, adding that the occurrence was confirmation that he and his civilian army were resolved to proceed with their dangers against Russian and Syrian government powers.

Despite the fact that he was an indicted criminal and an outlaw, Celik was unreservedly going in Turkey, moving to and from over the Turkish-Syrian line. In January 2016 he was captured going to the memorial service of Ibrahim Kucuk, representative director of the MHP Fatih locale who was killed in Syria during conflicts. He and his men were respected by the top MHP authorities.

Notwithstanding, as the Russian government’s pressing factor began to expand on the Erdogan government to take care of Çelik and the disclosure of the ISIS oil plots that elaborate Erdogan’s family, things changed for Celik.

In June 2016 the appointed authority requested his delivery forthcoming the finish of his preliminary on guns infringement. Nonetheless, he stayed in prison on discrete charges.

He was indicted for guns infringement in May 2017 and condemned to five years in prison.xz The case was named secret, and the Turkish specialists even ousted three Russian writers who attended cover the court date.

Liberated again from prison in December 2020, Celik keeps on serving to his lords. He protected President Erdogan when mobster Sedat Peker, once Erdogan’s partner, conceded that he sent arms to Syria in collaboration with the public authority and that a portion of the arms in his caravan were diverted to the Nusra Front. In his online media postings, Celik attempted to subvert Peker’s charges and undermined him with outcomes.


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