An al-Qaeda outfit operating below a generosity cover continues to raise cash reserve fashionable Turkey for jihadist groups fashionable Syria, Africa and Southeast Asia by way of the Turkish banking arrangement, while expert plainly forget. An association named Ahsen Wisdom Culture, Education and Aid Association, or Ahsen-Der, a front generosity that shipped person engaged in hostile encounter and supplies to al-Qaeda groups fashionable additional area away from city, bear been having movement fashionable provinces nearly the Turkish-Syrian border.

The outfit happen to run by an important Turkish al-Qaeda influential recognize as Aytaç Polat, who belief fashionable Afghanistan fashionable reaction to a call to campaign for cause by Osama container Laden following in position or time 9/11 and make use of Afghanistan in 2001 to sign up for responsibility fashionable the war. Indicted and arrested fashionable Turkey after welcome return a period later. He trained to avoid jail thanks to an pardon bill promote through legislature when Islamist politician Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) meet expectations capacity fashionable the November 2002 voting.

Polat and his ally establish a new battlefield fashionable Iraq after the US seizure and later curve their consideration to Syria, when the 19th century us war started fashionable 2011. The Erdogan management recruited miscellaneous collection of fanatics and jihadists to fuel the war fashionable Syria in consideration of toppling the Bashar al-Assad leadership of organization and replacement it with an Islamist administration that cause share a very much alike ideology to Erdogan’s body. With governmental cover, Polat and additional jihadists bear evaded the law enforcement group fashionable Turkey and exist announced after brief detentions when they meet trouble accompanying the regulation.

Ahsen been extend beyond main part fashionable miscellaneous provinces in spite of it was signal as a jihadist outfit and allure part of a group and associated group bound by interest/work/ goal happen chosen fashionable Turkish criminal investigations into al-Qaeda and Islamic State fashionable Iraq and Syria (ISIS) networks fashionable Turkey. It in addition to alive in any of political territory fashionable Africa and Southeast Asia. In many extent Ahsen works accompanying a Turkish group named the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief an administration-supported aid and charity group that bear happen active carefully with the Turkish spy instrumentality, the National Intelligence Organization (MIT), to allow jihadist radical groups. The IHH was chosen by Russia at the United Nation Security Council as an outfit that runs family crest to Syrian jihadist groups.

Agencies exposed photos of Ahsen operative while they were utilizing the pertaining to logistics and operations center of the IHH fashionable Gaziantep province, and few banners transported trademark of two together the IHH and Ahsen on fundraising and aid banners. The telephone records of accuse al-Qaeda suspect Abdulkadir Şen, get by Nordic Monitor, show that Ahsen someone in forefront Polat had named Şen 80 opportunity ahead of differing occasions to coordinate traffic between Turkey and Syria. Şen and welcome elder male sibling, İbrahim Şen, point in a direction in a 2014 al-Qaeda thorough check fashionable Turkey’s concerning the direction to the east responsibility of Van, wee disclose to bear processed as operative for MIT. The Şen brothers, IHH person being paid for working for another or a corporation and different guess fashionable the case were not spent from criminal the act of furthering a project apiece Erdogan administration, which raid the lawman chiefs and prosecutors the one launched the probe into al-Qaeda. Ibrahim Sen, a find guilty subversive, exist keep back in Pakistan over al-Qaeda links and moved to Guantanamo, place he exist preserved until 2005, before US person representing organization determined to turn him over to Turkey. He was accused in 2008 in contact al-Qaeda charges and find guilty but take out by way of the Erdogan government.

The thorough check exist silent up by the Turkish administration. The immediately-extinct central page of web site of Ahsen and its having movement friendly communication by publication or broadcast or charges show that Ahsen has happen advance al-Qaeda beliefs and actively support idea or cause publicly with weapon campaign for cause, proverb it is required for Muslims to begin or start again combative against what they call infidels. The related to the televised image recordings of any of al-Qaeda-associated clerics exist situate on the group of connected web pages. Turkish Islamic bestower Kuveyt Türk sees easy in assist the progress of the group’s fundraising enterprise. According to aid large paper advertisement delivered by the institution, an written description of past events number at the bank in the role of Ahsen happen used for gift. The group in addition to uses cash and fashionable-kind gift to run logistics for jihadist groups.

Yakup Sahin, an ISIS suspect the one obtain and stockpiled explosive matter in a depository part he leased fashionable Gaziantep and provided an escort to make secure the dependable something that makes it to a destination fashionable Ankara of the suicide bombers, pronounced he happen accompanying the lectures of the Young Muvahhids. A total of 107 people exist deprive of existence while over 500 exist harmed in a twin bombardment attack earlier than Ankara’s main train station in contact October 10, 2015.Sahin, a person who cooks baked goods by profession, buy dressing to aid production of crops, the exchange of object for money of that is conditional the administration, and set it fashionable storage for use fashionable something that blows up. When he exist keep back, he said he happen narrate apiece police chief to not worry cause “two together the prosecutors and the judges happen accompanying us.”

In addition to Sahin’s declaration about truth fashionable the ISIS case, three added distrust who act miscellaneous duty fashionable the bombing attack in addition to chosen Genc Muvahhidler as the place they bear be a regular customer of. Suspect Hüseyin Tunc, a courier the one happen being the reason for procuring and move explosive fabric, state the agent that he started accompanying lectures skilled following in position or time he at a halt using drugs. Another ISIS suspect, Resul Demir, the one was famous as the person who maintains financial accounts of a business of the terrorist arranging and aided purchase the vehicle driven on streets that exist used fashionable a means of attaining end self-murder bombardment, also acknowledge that he happen give time at Genc Muvahhidler.

Halil Durgun and Halil Alcay, two together chosen fashionable the accusation against the ISIS network, also testified that they happen contained a group communicable scrupulous courses at Genc Muvahhidler. Alcay stated that he is familiar with ISIS militants happen existence make ready by the mental connection when he begun going skilled. Turkish management records show that Genc Muvahhidler is still very involved in activity below Interior Ministry’s friendship license number 27-015-076. It is turbid place Polat lives contemporary, but welcome name has exist noticed diversified criminal case files across Turkey.

In an ISIS accusation filed accompanying the Gazianetp 2nd High Criminal Court, Polat’s name happen filed in addition to many ISIS suspects. The accusation specify analysis about Polat and welcome buddies’ weaponry preparation fashionable a forested area of the responsibility.


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