Jihad Funding


Qatar purportedly keeps on putting out billions of dollars to help and fund fear based oppressor and radical activities in Europe. Global papers have announced that Qatar sends its assets through the Qatar Charity Foundation, where they as of late gave around 71 million euros to be conveyed to the pioneers of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe under an altruistic spread.

It has been expressed by different sources the supposed subtleties of Qatar’s arrangements concerning the investment of the pioneers of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe and the interest of Doha, Qatar in setting up in excess of 90 communities for the fear based oppressor bunch in different European nations.

Reports additionally uncovered the commitment of the Qatar Charity Foundation in financing 140 undertakings in Europe worth in excess of 120 million euros, remembering 47 tasks for Italy, 22 ventures in France and Spain, and 10 activities in Germany. The British paper The Times, affirmed that the Qatari “Al-Rayan” bank in Britain was engaged with offering money related types of assistance to psychological militant associations in the United Kingdom.

Another report said that Qatar supposedly burns through billions of dollars to enter the Western instruction framework to improve the picture of the Qatar system and spread its psychological militant tasks as a feature of and promulgation to assist Doha. Attorneys affirmed that it is an infringement of U.S. government laws and requires far reaching examinations.

Qatar’s commitments surpass more than 1.5 billion dollars to support a scope of activities in instructive establishments at 28 American colleges, making it one of the most productive remote funders in the American instructive framework, raising questions about the conceivable concealed goals of the Qatari government from these dubious gifts.


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