Israeli accused of spying for Hamas


An Israeli resident went about as a Hamas specialist in Israel and worked for the fear monger association’s military wing in Gaza, the Shin Bet and Israel Police uncovered on Friday.

The resident, who was captured on Feb. 3, is 43-year-old Muhammad Abu Adra, whose father is a Bedouin and whose mother hails from Gaza. Abu Adra is hitched to a Gaza occupant and splits his time among Rafah and the focal Israeli city of Rehovot, habitually utilizing the Erez Border Crossing.

A Shin Bet examination uncovered that Hamas selected Abu Adra while he was in Gaza around eighteen months prior. From that time, he stayed in secretive operational contact with Hamas individuals, gathering and furnishing them with data on the area of Iron Dome batteries.

As per the security organization, Hamas exploited Abu Adra’s capacity to move among Israel and Gaza, because of his family circumstance, and held face to face gatherings with him when he was inside the waterfront area. The Shin Bet said that Abu Adra gave Hamas one of a kind and excellent admittance to Israeli region and completed missions for the gathering.

“This is another illustration of Hamas’ utilization of the Erez Border Crossing to support its between territorial movement, as a feature of its precise and wide-running action that is advancing toward Judea and Samaria, and showed the technique that the Hamas initiative keeps on pursueing to subvert steadiness in the district, in spite of and in corresponding with the progressing endeavors toward an understanding,” said one Shin Bet official.

The Southern District Attorney’s Office recorded an arraignment against Abu Adra for the security offense of participation in a psychological militant association, goal to submit treachery, and transferring data to the foe, among different charges, at the Beersheva District Court on Friday.

In a proclamation, the Shin Bet said, “We see the abuse of Israeli citizenship for the supporting of psychological militant exercises with seriousness. We will keep on acting to defeat all fear-based oppressor movement by Hamas and psychological militant associations in the Gaza Strip and deal with those helping fear mongers.”


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