As the United States prepares to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan, members of the World Union against ISIS gathered on Monday to take the next step against radical groups.

The meeting was held the day after the United States launched airstrikes on Iran-backed militias near the Iraqi-Syrian border. Foreign Minister Antony Blinken and Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio co-chaired a seven-year block high-ranking conference with 83 members. Participants reviewed ongoing efforts to ensure a complete defeat of ISIS. The remnants of ISIS remain a threat in Iraq and Syria, showing signs of growth in parts of Africa.

Among other important international priorities, such as the containment of the coronavirus pandemic and the strengthening of the fight against climate change, the coalition stabilizes the territory liberated by ISIS and fights the message of extremists while foreign. The fighter must be repatriated and forced.

Blinken and Dimaio told representatives of 77 countries and five Dimaio implementing organizations, “We must be vigilant and strengthen our coalition. “We can work,” Dimaio said.

In addition to Iraq and Syria, he said there was a “worrisome” wave of ISIS activity, especially in the corners of Sahel, Mozambique, and Africa.

Blinken said the Iraqi and Syrian ISIS elements were “still eager to launch a major attack,” despite the defeat. I went for a military operation that would lead to a war that won on the battlefield.

Blinken has announced and called for a new US donation of $ 36 million to support refugees in Syria and neighboring countries. Prosecution-Approximately 10,000 IS fighters still take care of the Syrian Defense Forces.

“This situation is simply not sustainable.” “It can’t last forever.” But no country today has promised to repatriate its citizens, and it’s unclear if the number of detainees can be significantly reduced in the short term.

Blinken also announced sanctions against Ousmane Illiassou Djibo, a native of Niger, who is a key leader of the Islamic State affiliate in the greater Sahara. Djibo was designated a global terrorist, meaning that any of his U.S. are frozen and Americans are barred from any transactions with him.

In addition to the ISIS conference, the Foreign Minister is concerned about the wider conflict in Syria that will be encountered in Rome in the future. Russia opposes the reapproval of the canal because peace talks between the Syrian government and rebels are at a standstill. Officials demanding anonymity because they do not have the authority to publicly discuss private diplomatic negotiations have revealed that US-Russia cooperation on Syria depends on Moscow accepting the extension. But Russia did not attend the meeting.

Last week, UN Special Rapporteur of Syria Gaia Pederson said there were signs of concern that the Islamic State could be strengthened domestically and called for increased cooperation in combat. Pederson also joined the call for new international negotiations to end the Syrian civil war.

Since the outbreak of the Syrian conflict in March 2011, many high-level meetings have aimed to end the fight and guide the country towards a failed political transition. The United Nations, the United States, Russia, and many other countries uphold the 2015 Security Council resolution approving a roadmap for peace in Syria that requires a new constitution, followed by unsupervised elections. It is done.

Blinken also met with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the President. Sergio Mattarella welcomed the situation of European relations between the United States on Monday, with Italy, France, and Germany NATO Group, Group of Seven, and the European Union.

Blinken and Dimaio have downplayed the differences between the United States and Italy over China and said they are becoming more aware of the complexity and dangers of dealing with Beijing.


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