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ISIS Leader Backed-up by Turkish Govt

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The organization of imprisoned jihadist evangelist Abu Hanzala, who urged numerous youngsters to join al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), is going to Turkey with the full information on the Turkish specialists.

The gathering has indeed extended its activities with another substance called Ecir Kapısı Hizmet Egitim ve Kultur Derneği, a front cause that helps raise assets for the gathering, set up in April 2019.

The affiliation’s records looked into by agencies, show that its authorizing was endorsed by the Interior Ministry under enlistment number 34-251-178 and that it is at present recorded as a functioning association.

The affiliation brings assets up in unfamiliar sections and Turkish lira utilizing Kuveyt Türk, an Islamic moneylender run by the nearby partners of the Turkish president, or the cash move organization of Wise, earlier known as TransferWise, a London-based monetary innovation organization.

Abu Hanzala, presently 37 years of age, has been under the checking of Turkish police since 2007 when he began lecturing extremist perspectives in accordance with the al-Qaeda belief system.

His dad Hacı Bayancuk was associated with the homicide of Police Chief Ali Gaffar Okken, who was killed on January 24, 2001, alongside five other cops. He was indicted for enrollment in Turkish Hizbullah, an Iran-upheld fear-monger bunch that draws its volunteers from revolutionary Kurdish gatherings. Hizbullah’s political arm, Huda-Par, is as of now aligned with the decision Justice and Development Party (AKP) drove by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Abu Hanzala went through four years in Egypt yet needed to escape to Turkey when Egyptian specialists began a crackdown on his gathering there. He was engaged with the Turkish al-Qaeda network after Habib Akdas, the main al-Qaeda figure in Turkey who completed the dangerous 2003 assaults on the British Consulate General, the neighborhood HSBC base camp, and two places of worship in Istanbul, was killed in a US airstrike in Iraq.

In 2008 Abu Hanzala and 35 different suspects were kept regarding another psychological militant plot focusing on a gathering place in Istanbul. He was arraigned, with examiners requesting a sentence of 15 to 22.5 years’ detainment for driving a fear-monger association. As per a court brief recorded by preliminary examiner Celal Kara in September 2009, Abu Hanzala was the main suspect in the arraignment of al-Qaeda alongside 31 co-schemers.

The arraignment, surveyed by organizations, uncovered that the police examination concerning the gathering inferred that Abu Hanzala was driving a gathering at the time in accordance with the Al-Qaeda belief system and was ready to do psychological militant demonstrations in Turkey. The agents found that Abu Hanzala was meeting with known jihadists who were sentenced and spent time in jail in jail and conversing with them on the telephone.

The gathering rejects Turkey’s protected request, which is viewed as obscenity and plans to build up a strict state dependent on the standards of shariah. It endorsed the utilization of arms and viciousness to bring down the system and advance the gathering’s plan.

The police found some bomb-making materials and notes on the most proficient method to assemble ad-libbed hazardous gadgets during the execution of court orders anywhere nearby of suspects.

The examination uncovered that the organization was engaged with the exchange of unfamiliar and Turkish warriors into Syria and working with the passage of al-Qaeda contenders from nations like Pakistan and Afghanistan into the Syrian region.

The suspects were additionally gathering gifts from local people in Turkey and moving them to al-Qaeda warriors in Syria in collaboration with Turkish insight organization MIT.

Be that as it may, the arraignment was obstructed when the public authority killed the examination by eliminating police bosses and investigators who were investigating Hanzala and other al-Qaeda aggressors. Hanzala was delivered in October 2014 after the public authority set up an exceptional hardliner court framework known as the punitive courts of harmony.

Erdoğan later enrolled him as a partner against his main pundit Fethullah Gülen, a Turkish Muslim researcher occupant in the US who went against Erdoğan’s strategies in outfitting extremist jihadist gatherings and reprimanded inescapable debasement in the organization.

Hanzala was even depicted in the support of the government Star day by day in December 2014 as a defrauded man. In a meeting with the day by day, Hanzala blamed Gülen for being behind examinations concerning his gathering. He had been permitted to uninhibitedly lecture in different regions and extend his foundation.

In July 2015 an encouraged Hanzala drove many of his allies in Eid petitions in Istanbul after which they condemned the Turkish government and settled on a decision for war. The gathering was marked by the resistance as a get together of ISIS aggressors.

The gathering accumulated at excursion grounds in Istanbul’s Ömerli area to play out the petitions. Hanzala approached his allies after the petitions to participate in war. As a component of his 14-minute discourse, he censured the majority rules system and required the development of a state represented by strict law.

Hanzala evidently went too far when he condemned government authorities in 2017 after an arranged talking commitment was dropped by the Ankara lead representative in the midst of analysis from resistance groups. He was captured in June 2017 and shipped off prison. In his first hearing on April 9, 2020, the court governed to deliver him, however, he was rapidly rearrested when resistance groups scrutinized the delivery in parliament.

He was additionally one of the evangelists who propelled the enemy of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov in December 2016. As per the scientific report, the PC was utilized by professional killer Mevlut Mert Altıntas, a cop, there was a record of a hunt on YouTube of Hanzala’s recordings on August 25, 2016. Following shooting the emissary, Altıntaş proclaimed he acted in view of Russian intercession in Syria and made a jihadist hand motion.

Hanzala was on the record when he began lauding ISIS and condemning the hostile dispatched against it. “At the point when Muslims had made some vital successes and were practically going to begin driving individuals in Iraq, the US and the Saudis — with the help of al-Saud researchers — coordinated gatherings called ‘Sahwa’ and began to battle against ISIS. Today, they utilize precisely the same name in Syria for the individuals who are battling against ISIS, who call themselves ‘Sahwa,’ or ‘arousing unit’,” he said.

In spite of the fact that he later sought after a more basic line concerning ISIS, Hanzala’s proclaiming incited many to join jihadist bunches including ISIS and al-Qaeda. Despite the fact that he stays in jail, he runs his organization from his jail cell, sending his standard works to be distributed in the gathering’s magazine.

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