Hamas turned down a proposal for completing different financial activities in the Gaza Strip as a byproduct of destroying its equipped wing and changing its arrangement toward Israel, as indicated by Ismail Haniyeh, one of the psychological oppressor gathering’s senior heads.

The offer was made with regards to US President Donald Trump’s arrangement for Middle East harmony, known as the “Arrangement of the Century,” which means to build up a different Palestinian substance in the Gaza Strip, he said Monday in a meeting with a Qatari news site.

“A few gatherings came to us and made the offer,” Haniyeh stated, without expounding. “We realize that these gatherings were sent by superpowers. They proposed new ventures of up to $15 billion.”

Hamas won’t “surrender Palestine, its weapons, the opposition, the privilege of return and Jerusalem as a byproduct of cash,” he said. “We wouldn’t manage these tasks.”

“We were offered $15 billion to assemble an air terminal, a seaport and other financial undertakings in the Gaza Strip,” Haniyeh said. “We disclosed to them this is superb. We need an air terminal and a seaport, and we need a conclusion to the barricade on the Gaza Strip, yet as an end-result of what? They said that we should disassemble the military gatherings of the groups and consolidation them with the Palestinian Authority security powers and dispose of every one of our weapons, particularly the long-extend rockets that can reach Tel Aviv.”

The most huge piece of the offer was to “end the Palestinian opposition and keep the Gaza Strip away from the Palestinian national development,” he said.

“We completely dismissed the offer,” Haniyeh said. “We need to end the attack on the Gaza Strip; we need monetary ventures; we need an air terminal; we need a seaport – however simply because we are qualified for all these and not as an end-result of anything, including our political positions and weapons.”

Hamas stays contradicted to perceiving Israel’s entitlement to exist and keeps on requesting the entirety of the domain, “from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River, just as the privilege of return for Palestinians to their previous homes inside Israel and the arrival of every single Palestinian detainee held by Israel,” he said.

Haniyeh blamed Israel for receiving an “arrangement of strangulation” against the Gaza Strip.

“That is the reason the Israelis forestall major and powerful ventures in the Gaza Strip,” he said. The PA likewise doesn’t learn about that conveying ventures in the Gaza Strip is helpful, he included.

“A few gatherings that are near us would prefer not to see ventures in the Gaza Strip,” Haniyeh said. “For instance, we requested a conduit interfacing the Gaza Strip with Cyprus and an air terminal and seaport as a major aspect of truce understandings.

Here and there Israel agreed to these requests since it needed to stop the battling, however different gatherings, including the Palestinian Authority, were restricted. They guaranteed that such a move would comprise the start of division between the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”

Haniyeh uncovered that Qatar has given the Gaza Strip $1.5b. in help in the course of recent years.


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