Florida woman sentenced for attempting to support ISIS


U.S. Area Judge Sheri Polster Chappell today condemned Alison Marie Sheppard, known as “Aiisha Abdullah,” (35, Punta Gorda) to 5 years and 10 months in government jail for endeavoring to offer material help to ISIS, an assigned outside psychological oppressor association. The court additionally condemned Sheppard to a term of 15 years managed discharge. Sheppard had conceded on May 17, 2019.

As indicated by court reports, from roughly January 2017 until July 18, 2017, Sheppard intentionally endeavored to offer material help and assets to the Islamic State, otherwise called ISIS, by buying and delivery 10 cellphones that she planned for ISIS to use to explode extemporized touchy gadgets.

Starting in mid 2016, Sheppard utilized Facebook and web based life applications to network and discover similar people who upheld a Salafi jihadist outlook and ISIS, and she posted recordings that she had made to her YouTube channel to educate her online companions. Sheppard likewise posted the recordings via web-based networking media locales on the side of her convictions. A considerable lot of these recordings communicated the lessons of Islamist fanatics who bolstered rough jihad. Among her postings supporting ISIS in internet based life accounts, Sheppard distributed screen captures of an online ISIS magazine that contained articles celebrating fear based oppressor acts submitted by ISIS individuals.

Sheppard likewise utilized online life applications to participate in encoded correspondences with people she accepted were supporters of ISIS. One of those people was somebody Sheppard accepted had later made a trip to the Middle East to join ISIS. Sheppard sent that individual an ISIS digital book enumerating how ISIS individuals travel all through Syria, including operational safety efforts to help outside warriors in dodging location in their interest to join ISIS. That individual was later captured by the FBI and started helping out government law implementation. Sheppard likewise started speaking with two others who she accepted were ISIS supporters, however who were, truth be told, covert law authorization officials. During one of those discussions, Sheppard told the covert official that she had sworn faithfulness to Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, the now-expired previous pioneer of ISIS.

In June 2017, while taking part in online internet based life discussions with the participating individual and the two covert law authorization officials, Sheppard offered to buy and boat cellphones that ISIS could use to explode ad libbed touchy gadgets. Afterward, in July 2017, Sheppard bought 10 cellphones from five stores in Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, and Rotonda West, Florida. She orchestrated to have the telephones sent to one of the covert officials, accepting that they would be sent to the Middle East and that ISIS would utilize them as clocks for “pressure cooker” bombs.


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