Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a meeting that circulated Sunday that he has no second thoughts about purchasing a Russian protection framework in spite of judgment from the United States and its other NATO partners.

“I disclosed everything to President Biden,” Erdogan said in a meeting with having Margaret Brennan that circulated on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

He said that the United States’ refusal to convey F-35 airplanes that Turkey consented to buy and Patriot rockets it wished to procure gave Turkey no decision except to go to Russia for its S-400 antiaircraft rocket framework, a disputed matter among Turkey and the NATO coalition during both the Trump and Biden organizations.

“Later on, no one will actually want to meddle as far as what sort of protection frameworks we get, from which country at what level. It’s not possible for anyone to meddle with that. We are the only ones to settle on such choices,” Erdogan said.

He added: “Would we say we will continue to expect conveyance of weapons from different nations that didn’t give us those weapons?”

NATO fears that conveying Russia’s S-400 rockets close by the F-35 would permit the S-400 to gather fundamental information about the airplane it, in any case, would not approach, possibly compromising security.

Talking about one more disputed matter with the United States, Erdogan said the US should pick either supporting Turkey and offering to back to Kurdish gatherings that wish to cut out a state from a space that incorporates portions of Turkey. The Kurdish powers had joined the US and Turkey in battling ISIS powers in Syria.

Erdogan called these Kurdish gatherings “psychological militant associations.”

“Getting this sort of help ought to be halted unequivocally,” he said, adding: “Turkey is NATO part and we are in a situation to be obliged to fashion a fortitude under the top of NATO. However, inasmuch as the fear-monger associations get such strategic help that resentful us … we would be vocal with regards to this.”

The Turkish chief said he might want to see the leftover US powers removed from Syria, something that pundits have said could give Turkey a free hand in abusing the Kurds.

Erdogan was condemning US activities in Afghanistan. “With the American impressions tracing all the way back to twenty years, the area was no more secure,” he told Brennan.

He additionally said that Turkey desires to keep up with some kind of relationship with the new Taliban system in Afghanistan, however, it pulled out in the midst of the disarray going with the American withdrawal there.

“We have notable relations with the Afghan public,” he said, “and we’ve generally been exceptionally steady of in a phenomenal manner, dissimilar to some other. Furthermore, as far as a framework, as far as superstructure, we were engaged with significant speculations, which we will proceed for what’s to come. But since of the mix-ups made in the field, we needed to pull out our soldiers and clear our regular citizens. Furthermore, this moment, we are absent in Afghanistan.”


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