Canadian ISIS fighter charged in U.S. with supporting terrorist group


A main Islamic State media figure and unfamiliar warrior has been charged in U.S. government court in Virginia with planning to offer material help to an unfamiliar fear monger association bringing about death, administrative authorities said Saturday.

Mohammed Khalifa, a Canadian resident who was a main figure in the Islamic State of Iraq, was caught abroad by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in January 2019, government authorities said. He was as of late moved into FBI guardianship, so, all in all he was first brought toward the Eastern District of Virginia.

“As affirmed, Mohammed Khalifa not just battled for ISIS on the combat zone in Syria, yet he was additionally the voice behind the brutality,” said Raj Parekh, acting U.S. lawyer for the Eastern District of Virginia.

“Through his supposed driving job in deciphering, describing, and propelling ISIS’s web-based promulgation, Khalifa advanced the fear monger bunch, promoted its overall enrollment endeavors, and extended the span of recordings that celebrated the awful killings and unpredictable pitilessness of ISIS. “Abu Ridwan

Khalifa, 38, served in conspicuous jobs inside the Islamic State beginning in 2013 and proceeding until his catch by the SDF in January 2019 after a firefight between Islamic State contenders and the SDF, authorities said.

Khalifa was likewise known to the RCMP by his nom de guerre for ISIS, Abu Radwan (now and then spelled Abu Ridwan) al-Kanadi. Al-Kanadi is Arabic for “the Canadian.”

As well as supposedly filling in as an Islamic State contender, Khalifa purportedly filled in as a lead interpreter in the gathering’s purposeful publicity creation and the English-talking storyteller on different fierce enlistment recordings.

The protest in government court additionally asserts Khalifa made a trip to Syria in the spring of 2013 with the plan of turning into an unfamiliar warrior and at last joining the Islamic State. He joined the gathering in or around November 2013 and swore devotion to then-Islamic State pioneer Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. In mid 2014, he was selected to join the gathering’s Media Bureau mostly because of his semantic capacities as a familiar English and Arabic speaker.

Examiners say Khalifa, who was brought into the world in Saudi Arabia, assumed a significant part in creating and dispersing Islamic State purposeful publicity across various media stages focusing on Western crowds. He zeroed in basically on tempting allies to go to Islamic State-controlled regions to join or to lead assaults in the West, remembering for the United States, for the gathering’s benefit. He additionally effectively took part in equipped threats in the interest of the Islamic State, as indicated by the grumbling.

The grievance claims Khalifa aided the interpretation and portrayal of roughly 15 absolute recordings made and disseminated by the Islamic State. The creations described by Khalifa incorporate two of the most persuasive and extremely fierce promulgation recordings, the grumbling said. When dread gets back home: The arrangement for deradicalizing returning ISIS contenders

Many Canadians have effectively gotten back in the wake of joining fear associations abroad. Others are holding up in confinement camps in Syria. The national government says it has an arrangement to keep the public safe when they return. Bounce McKeown explores Canada’s system and finds there are not kidding worries regarding how powerful it’ll be.

The recordings, containing English portrayal by Khalifa, were essential for a media crusade advancing savagery submitted against U.S. residents and other nations’ residents to prompt further viciousness against the United States, partnered countries, and their residents.

The recordings portray glamorized depictions of the Islamic State and its contenders just as scenes of viciousness, including portrayals of unarmed detainees being executed, portrayals of Islamic State assaults in the United States and film of assaults and battling in what is depicted as Syria and Egypt, as indicated by a news discharge from the U.S. lawyer’s office.

Whenever sentenced, Khalifa faces a most extreme punishment of life in jail.


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