Appointment of Palestinian to Biden leadership team sparks controversy


President-elect Joe Biden’s choice to select a Palestinian American for a key White House position started a tempest of political discussion.

He reported on Monday that Reema Dodin will fill in as one of two delegate heads of his administrative undertakings group, which characterizes official strategies. The other is Shuwanza Goff, who is an African American.

The arrangement of Dodin, a veteran Washington insider, adds substance to battle guarantees made by Biden in his six-page “Plan for Partnership” with the Arab American people group, distributed in August, in which he vowed to rescind the Trump organization’s Muslim boycott and perceive Arab American rights.

“The American public is anxious for our organization to will work, and the present deputies will help advance our plan and guarantee each American has a reasonable shot,” Biden said. “In a Biden organization we will have an open way to the Hill and this group will ensure their perspectives are constantly addressed in the White House.”

Ron Klain, Biden’s White House head of staff, said: “President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris share an intense plan that will assemble our country back better than anyone might have expected. Our group will work with the duly elected president and VP choose to execute that plan and convey results for American families.”

Favorable to Israel gatherings and associations scrutinized the arrangement of Dodin, blaming her for endeavoring to legitimize “self-destruction bombings.” The claim, which was upheld by bending of current realities about past remarks she made, is a typical analysis leveled against Palestinians delegated to public office in the US, in light of assumed help for Palestinian rights.

The Jerusalem Post, a moderate, English-language Israeli paper, featured a remark Dodin purportedly made in 2002 in which she told a group of people in Lodi, California, that “self-destruction planes were a final frantic, probably pointless retreat.”

She additionally took an interest in an assembly supporting the Boycott, Divestment, Sanction (BDS) development, which restricts Israel’s arrangement of taking area from Palestinians, setting up illicit settlements, and gathering the land for benefit.

In excess of 26 US states, including Illinois, have passed an enactment that makes backing of BDS illicit and culpable in various manners.

Responding to the arrangement of Dodin, an article distributed on the site against Arab fanatic Sarah Geller said: “As anticipated, the extreme enemy of Israel Left will have an unmistakable job in the potential Joe Biden organization. Palestinian American Reema Dodin, who has communicated uphold for self-destruction bombings against Israelis, will help arrange enactment for Joe Biden.”

The favorable to Israel Jewish Press likewise hammered Dodin in their inclusion, referring to claims that she is “going about as a specialist of impact for the [Muslim] Brotherhood’s activities inside America.”

Dodin, who worked for a long time as vice president of staff for Senator Dick Durbin, a moderate and famous Democrat from Illinois, promptly made her Twitter account private, clearly trying to keep pundits from filtering through her past remarks and utilizing them to depict her as a radical.

Durbin gave an assertion wherein he invited the arrangement of Dodin to the Biden organization and applauded her support of his office. In a message posted on Twitter, he stated: “Energized that my floor chief, Reema Dodin, will join President-elect Biden’s (Legislative) Affairs group. She is keen, trusted, and has the admiration of individuals on the two sides of the path. Reema is exactly what our new president needs to help him in the Senate.”

Ziad Asali, an author of the American Task Force on Palestine, said that Dodin had “worked her way from graduate school to local area movement to Senator Durbin’s office, right to the White House. Message to youthful Palestinian/Arab Americans: Yes you can. Have a place and acquire your way with fitness and responsibility. Meritocracy implies accomplishment without squander.”

Warren David, the leader of the media association Arab America said: “We are so amped up for Reema’s arrangement. It implies such a huge amount to Arab Americans, who have been underestimated consistently, to see a senior authority of Arab/Palestinian legacy in the White House. Ideally, arrangements, for example, this are not the ‘special case’ but rather the ‘rule’ in regards to Arab Americans openly administration.”

Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal additionally invited the arrangement, saying: “Over my 10 years in the Senate, Reema has been a significant wellspring of understanding and guidance. She is perpetually scrupulous and mindful, and the Biden administrator is fortunate to have her. I’ll miss her on the Senate Floor yet anticipate working with her in her new job.”

Dodin was destined to Palestinian workers whose causes can be followed to Dura in Palestine, close to the Israeli-involved city of Hebron.

She has been dynamic in Arab American circles for a long time. In May 2018 she partook in the Arab American Institute’s yearly Khalil Gibran Awards service, during which she introduced an honor to Marcelle M. Wahba, the leader of the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington D.C. furthermore, a previous US Ambassador to the UAE.

Dodin has a solid resume, having filled in as Durbin’s exploration chief and a helper to his Judiciary Subcommittee on Human Rights and the Law. She was additionally a volunteer elector insurance counsel on various political missions, including Obama for America.

She is a Truman National Security individual, a New Leaders Council individual, an Aspen Socrates alum, a previous term individual from the Council on Foreign Relations, and an individual from the Jenkins Hill Society, a consortium of ladies in legislative issues supporting female lawmakers.


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