Berlin specialists declared on Thursday that the Palestinian jihadist Ahmad Abul Baraa, a supporter of the psychological oppressor development al-Qaeda, was blamed for deceitfully looking for 18,000 euros from a bank regarding the coronavirus emergency.

“The 46-year-old blamed Ahmad A. is associated with having utilized the circumstance of the crown emergency together with his accomplice to grab a sum of € 18,000 in financing from the Investitionsbank Berlin by distorting the degree of a business movement while both really got social advantages,” the Berlin police and examiner’s office wrote in a joint articulation.

The specialists said that examiners held onto cash and electronic gadgets during an inquiry of the rooms of the suspects just as from an extreme mosque in the area of Wedding.

The As-Sahaba mosque, where the Palestinian Abul Baraa lectures, has been the focal point of knowledge observation because of its associations with the Islamic State. Berlin’s knowledge organization has reported that the As-Sahaba-mosque is a gathering place for supposed Islamists from the Salafist development.

The specialists composed that whether the installments ought to likewise be utilized to execute ventures for coronavirus emergency “is the subject of continuous examinations, which, in any case, because of the speedy access, implied that the assets from the Investitionsbank Berlin could be totally made sure about.”

Abul Baraa worked a shop inside the mosque. In 2018, the police assaulted the mosque in light of the fact that Baraa was blamed for sending cash to an Islamist contender in Syria “for buying military gear to complete psychological militant criminal acts,” as indicated by examiners. The German-Egyptian Islamist Reda Seyam established the mosque in 2010. Reda Seyam was accused of partaking in a fear based oppression assault in Bali. Reda Seyam ventured out to Syria to turn into the instruction serve for the Islamic State.

Seyam was murdered in Iraq in 2019. The As-Sahaba mosque is broadly seen as the most significant community for radical Sunni Islam in Berlin. The Islamic state fear based oppressor Anis Amri , who drove a truck into a Berlin Christmas advertise in 2016, went to the mosque. Amri’s vehicular psychological warfare assault killed 12 individuals and harmed 56 individuals. One of the casualties was the 60-year-old Israeli lady, Dalia Elyakim. The previous Berlin rapper and Islamic State warrior Dennis Cuspert likewise was a guest of the As-Sahab mosque.

Abul Barra said in an online video that “It isn’t took into consideration ladies to stroll on the roads for no reason in particular.” According to a 2014 Die Welt article, he depicted the battle of the al-Nusra Front ,which is near al-Qaida, against Syrian system troops as “favored jihad.”

Abul Barra named the USA “the genuine psychological oppressors.” The paper said he demonstrated compassion toward al-Qaeda.


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