Al-Qaeda Financier Passed Information to Turkey


Yasin al-Qadi, an Egyptian-brought into the world Saudi national who was one after another hailed by the US Treasury and the UN al-Qaeda authorize board of trustees, was passing knowledge in the mid year of 2013 to the Islamist government in Turkey, instructions the Turkish president and insight boss on improvements in Syria.

As indicated by mystery wiretaps got by Nordic Monitor, al-Qadi’s usable in Turkey, recognized as Osama Qotb, called Turkish Presdient Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s head of staff, Hasan Doğan, to pass on insight on the most recent advancements in Syria. Qotb, the nephew of Egyptian pastor Sayyid Qutb, one of the authors of the Muslim Brotherhood, said his supervisor needed the data desperately went to Erdoğan and knowledge office head Hakan Fidan.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a branch of al-Qaeda, had been picking up impact in the radical held pieces of northern Syria for certain months before this discussion occurred. ISIS seemed to have assumed control over the Nusra Front, otherwise called al-Qaeda in Syria, and extended its strategic the Syrian revolt.

On the day this telephone discussion occurred, one of the Syrian resistance gatherings, the Syrian National Coalition, which is driven from Turkey, likewise chose Ahmad Jarba, a Syrian with Saudi associations, as the new pioneer, preferring him over Mustafa Sabbagh, a Qatari top choice, at a gathering held in Istanbul. The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood held its impact in the gathering, with Farouq Tayfour chose as VP.

The discussion proposes al-Qadi had prior informed Erdoğan and Fidan about the possibility of the restriction setting up another Syrian state near the Turkish fringe. “You can pass this data to the Gentleman [Beyefendi in Turkish, alluding to Erdoğan] and the Undersecretary [Hakan Fidan] for sibling Yasin [al-Qadi]”, Qotb educated Doğan.

The mystery correspondence proposes al-Qadi was personally associated with advancements in Syria and had been working with Erdoğan and Turkish knowledge to affect occasions in the neighboring Arab nation. The telephone discussion occurred on June 9, 2013 at 23:46 hours. At that point, Homs, the focal point of the outfitted revolt, and encompassing zones were enduring an onslaught by Syrian government powers and its unified Hezbollah state army.

Qotb had been speaking to al-Qadi’s the same old thing and individual interests in Turkey and working intimately with Erdoğan’s child Bilal. In the remainder of the discussion, Qotb likewise asked Doğan’s assistance in broadening his folks’ living arrangement licenses, due to lapse on June 15, 2013. He solicited Erdoğan’s boss from staff to deal with the license recharging and call the Istanbul police division, which forms home grants for outsiders. Doğan guaranteed he would deal with it in the first part of the day. The wiretap was approved by the Istanbul second High Criminal Court, which was investigating fear related cases. The approval was allowed on May 20, 2013 as a major aspect of examination record No. 2012/656.

Al-Qadi, Doğan and Erdoğan’s child Bilal were all driving suspects in a sorted out wrongdoing examination sought after by investigators in Istanbul and were the subjects of confinement warrants gave on December 25, 2013 by the examiners. In any case, Erdoğan stepped in, wrongfully forestalling the execution of the warrants by requesting the police to not follow the examiner’s requests. After the expulsion of the examiners and police boss who were engaged with the examination, Erdoğan figured out how to whitewash the wrongdoings of his partners.(Nordic  Monitor)


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