A refugee child was raped in Lebanon


Three Lebanese young people, one of them a child of an innovator in the “Hezbollah” civilian army, recorded their rape on a Syrian kid younger than 13 and constrained him to do deplorable sexual acts, in the town of Sohmor, in the Western Bekaa, Lebanon.

Lebanese media sources affirmed that the assailants purposefully shot the occurrence, to spread the video generally. The occurrence caused outrage between the Syrians and the Lebanese, the same number of requested the Lebanese specialists to consider the culprits responsible, in which the activists purposely distributed a photograph of the assailant, so as to quicken the conclusion of his Facebook account. The video incorporates cuts demonstrating the kid after he attempted to escape from the attackers a few times, yet they sought after him, ambushed him, and constrained him to perform sexual acts with them.

The casualty’s mom, who possesses a vegetable store to help her family after her separation from her Syrian spouse, has a youngster, the casualty works in a winepress, and the provocation and assault process was rehashed a few times in the midst of mental and physical torment, where they now and then connected him and alternated to assault him. The mother of the youngster engaged the associations and bodies worried about the privileges of kids to embrace the circumstance of her kid and rebuff the assailants, approaching the Lebanese specialists to capture the three youngsters who showed up in the video. A Lebanese site expressed that the aggressors are youngsters from the town and are known by name, every one of whom are Lebanese nationals, while numerous twitters required the need to force the most serious punishments on the three youngsters, who bragged rape on the kid who attempted to escape from them a few times. It is significant that the Lebanese specialists didn’t remark until the second this news was set up on the wrongdoing, in spite of the way that over 72 hours have gone since it happened, in the midst of reports that Hezbollah was forcing the youngster’s mom to keep her from documenting.


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