Drink Camel Urine to Cure Coronavirus


Muslim support for drinking camel pee is back in the news, this time regarding the coronavirus, which is particularly amusing if not savage, as will be clarified. An “Islamic medication pro” and chief of a strict logical organization in Iran as of late approached his comrades to drink camel pee as the “best fix” for coronavirus and different sicknesses.

Mehdi Sabili, who is subsidiary with the Iranian system, transferred a video on his Instagram account praising the temperance of dromedary pee on April 19. The video, which has since circulated around the web, additionally portrayed him drinking a glass of newly obtained camel pee — which he enthused was best tanked “new and warm” — and approaching individual Iranians to do a similar three times each day for three days (i.e., nine full glasses).

Where does this thought originate from? As common and with everything Islamic, the drinking of camel pee for helpful advantages is followed back to Muhammad (and, for Iran’s Shias, resulting imams). As indicated by Somewhat related, Muhammad’s own pee — which a portion of his supporters energetically drank — was and keeps on being viewed as an extraordinary and healthy gift, one that even protects against the flames of Hell.

For dependable Muslims, for example, Iran’s Sabili, in light of the fact that pee drinking — for this situation, camels’ — was suggested by the prophet, it must stay relevant, paying little heed to what “science” has come to state on the issue. Such is the extremist idea of Islamic law, or sharia, which treats the Koran, yet authoritative hadiths as sacrosanct and not to be addressed.

Nor is this some unexpected, edgy reaction to the coronavirus. For instance, in 2012, Dr. Zaghlul al-Naggar, a noticeable Islamic scholar and the administrator of Egypt’s Committee of Scientific Notions in the Koran, uncovered on a live network show that a clinical focus in Marsa Matrouh really represented considerable authority in treating individuals with camel pee — all as per the prophet’s recommendation. At the point when another visitor tested al-Naggar, saying pee is the place all the body’s poisons are completed — “in this way, will we drink it for wellbeing?” — the delegate of “Islamic science” reacted with haughtiness: “I am more seasoned than you and more learned than you: you won’t show me; I will show ages of individuals like you.”

A couple of months after the fact, in late 2012, a video showed up indicating men gathering camel pee in cans and offering it to individuals who, in the storyteller’s words, are “hoping to be recuperated from flu, diabetes, irresistible infections, fruitlessness,” and so on. A few ladies were indicated drinking the camel pee — and doing everything they could to hold it down and not upchuck. The Egyptian storyteller closed by saying he is airing this video not to ridicule or censure, yet to decide “whether we are pushing ahead, or whether we are moving in reverse.”

Undoubtedly, such is the disaster. Not exclusively is drinking camel pee not gainful, however it seems to have been legitimately connected to a coronavirus flare-up: in 2012, just Saudi Arabia — the home of Islam and its blessed urban areas — was tormented by another type of coronavirus (MERS-CoV, AKA “Camel Flu”). An incredible 40% of the more than one thousand Saudis who contracted it kicked the bucket. One of its causes, which the World Health Organization unequivocally cautioned against, was the drinking of camel pee.

Depending on different types of “sharia medication” — for example, “embeddings velvet oil into the rear-end” to battle coronavirus — has likewise prompted losses. In Iran alone, a coronavirus persistent who was advised by a pastor to smell roses as a fix kicked the bucket before long, and the child of a conspicuous ayatollah admitted that his dad had passed on in light of the fact that he had trusted purported “Islamic medication experts.”

At long last, the mindset that praises the ingestion of camel pee is a similar attitude that calls for “jihad against unbelievers.” Both are characterized by daze compliance to the articulations of Muhammad — similarly as both lead to affliction.


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